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The nomination window is now closed for this year.

ISSA recognizes members who have been with the organization for at least five consecutive years and have demonstrated at least 8 years of relevant cybersecurity experience.

This Year's Inductees

  • Arthur B. "Coop" Cooper Jr.
  • Ashley Barton
  • Brian K. Ngac
  • Bruce Heard
  • Daniel Almadani
  • Debi Caldwell
  • Eric Bailey
  • Eric Smith
  • Ernest Campos
  • Gordon Glenn
  • Grzegorz Cenkier
  • Jim Henderson
  • John D. Johnson
  • Jonathan Weaver
  • Kelly Douglas Wise
  • Kyle P. Johnson
  • Marcia Mangold
  • Melissa Langlois
  • Parcero Mangente
  • Ricardo Soler
  • Sean A. McElroy
  • Steve Stewart
  • Susan Richards
  • Timothy R. Thatcher

Senior Members Benefits

  • Invitation to our awards gala event to be recognized in the year that they become a Senior Member
  • Listing on our website as recognized Senior Members of the organization
  • Recognition of eligibility to become a Fellow of ISSA in the future

Senior Member Qualifications

  • 5 years of ISSA membership
  • 8 years of relevant professional experience
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