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2017 Cyber Security Skills Crisis Causing Rapidly Widening Business Problem
The second annual global study from the Enterprise Strategy Group and ISSA finds cyber security skills shortage worsening and impacting 70% of organizations; business investing in the wrong places.

2016-II ESG and ISSA Research Reveals Cyber Security Profession at Risk
Findings from Part I of the first ESG/ISSA annual global survey of cyber security professionals show 65% struggle to define their career path, while 46% are solicited for new jobs at least once per week, and outlines top 5 tips for taking control of the Cyber Security Career Lifecycle®

2016-II Research Reveals “Human” Issues as Top Cyber Security and Business Risk
Findings from Part II of the research report from ESG and ISSA’s ground-breaking first-ever global study of cyber security professionals sends a strong message that critical infrastructure is vulnerable, and they want more help from their national governments

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