ISSA Addresses the Cybersecurity Workforce Gap with $10,000 Donation to the ISSA Education Foundation

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In support of the national call to action to close the cybersecurity workforce gap, the Information Systems Security Association has donated $10,000 to the ISSA Education Foundation. While there are a growing number of programs aimed at developing and identifying talent and skills from a young age – from university cyber challenges and kindergarten school initiatives to centers of academic excellence across the country – there are few programs that focus on providing the essential financial funds necessary for many higher education students to complete their studies.

Enter the ISSA Education Foundation, established to provide grant and scholarship programs to assist individuals and organizations in attaining their educational goals within the Information Security field, as well as graduates seeking employment or entry-level positions. For example, most recently in 2012, the Foundation awarded two academic scholarships to financially assist outstanding students working towards graduate and undergraduate degrees in Information Security.

In this economy – and this year in particular as a celebration of the ISSA Education Foundation 10th anniversary – we are extremely grateful to the ISSA International for their generous donation. This gift is particularly important by enabling us to extend scholarships that can be applied toward hard costs such as tuition, books and other fees to students who are specifically studying toward degrees in the cybersecurity field

Sandra Lambert, Foundation chair, founder of ISSA International and ISSA Hall of Fame recipient

Added Lambert, “In return, ISSA members benefit from the ability to identify and hire qualified staff members needed to fill the ranks of their organizations and donors gain industry recognition for an important cause and business incentives. It’s a win-win for everyone.” The contribution will be presented during the ISSA Member Reception on February 26 at 6:30 p.m. during the RSA Conference. ISSA Members can RSVP here:

The Foundation was incorporated in 2003 with support from ISSA International, which envisioned a non-profit organization dedicated specifically to education. The Foundation receives all support for scholarships through donations from individuals, ISSA Chapters, independent non-profit organizations, and ISSA International.

“ISSA is committed to cybersecurity education and growing the knowledge base of the cybersecurity field to ensure qualified professionals are able to provide practical, real-world solutions to critical organizational challenges,” said Ira Winkler, president of the ISSA. “We are proud to work with the Foundation in this mission.”



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