Alliance for Performance Excellence and ISSA offer Free Cyber Maturity Tool to ISSA Members

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Reston, VA – May 3, 2016 – The ISSA is proud to announce its partnership with The Alliance for Performance Excellence, the public-private outreach arm of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, which is based at and managed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. As part of this partnership, the ISSA is promoting Baldrige-based principles for security maturity management.

In the past two years, the amount of attention data breach and malware has received has made cybersecurity and the existence of technology that can be used to control it more common than ever before. Yet critical data loss still occurs, because despite the technology implemented, there is still the inherent risk that comes from weak or non-existent security processes. The Alliance for Performance Excellence will help our members with principles and tools that can be used to build and test more resilient mature security operations. For over 30 years, Baldrige has been well recognized as the standard to reach in business for performance excellence, and I am honored that the Alliance for Performance Excellence has selected us as a partner

Andrea Hoy, ISSA International President

The Alliance for Performance Excellence is supporting ISSA members by providing a free Baldrige-based self-assessment tool through its partner, ManageHub. This self-assessment, named the Security Success Score™, allows ISSA members to assess the performance excellence of security operations in light of NIST-based and Baldrige-based frameworks. The Security Success Score™ is suitable for any sized organization, with special emphasis on small and mid-sized organizations.

“This partnership represents an important shift toward excellence in cybersecurity and away from ineffectiveness,” says Steve Hunt, ISSA Hall of Fame inductee. “After all, excellence always results in compliance, but compliance rarely results in excellence.”

The Alliance for Performance Excellence will also support ISSA through its award program, providing review and judging of company security departments that use ManageHub’s Maturity-as-a-Service. Recognition for winners of Baldrige Alliance security maturity awards will take place at the annual ISSA International Conference, November2-3, 2016 in Dallas, Texas.


The Alliance for Performance Excellence

The Alliance for Performance Excellence is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the growth and sustainability of Baldrige-focused programs by serving our membership. Our key stakeholders include Baldrige-focused programs, organizations wanting to improve, and key partners including the Baldrige Foundation and the National Baldrige Program.

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Baldrige is the performance excellence program driving excellence in business for over thirty years.

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