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The Information Systems Security Association is proud to announce its partnership with The Security Awareness Company.

This partnership makes available a number of free tools through the Security Awareness Portal. These materials include customized posters, videos, newsletters, guides, and course guides, making the Portal a valuable resource for cyber security professionals who seek to emphasize security’s importance to their company.

Security Education and Awareness is increasingly critical in today’s digital world and providing compelling content to those who endeavor to spread the word about cybersecurity, is the backbone of The Security Awareness Company’s mission.

ISSA is the perfect example of our ideal Partner: A strong decentralized model, heavy localized involvement, and the ability to involve stakeholders of all sizes, from all industries

Winn Schwartau, The Security Awareness Company, CEO & Founder

The ISSA provides a wide variety of educational content, from webinars to conferences, and hopes that this new Portal will further its core purpose to promote a secure digital world.


The Security Awareness Company (SAC)

The Security Awareness Company (SAC) has provided dynamic end-user awareness materials since 1991 when we were founded by famous infosec pioneer, Winn Schwartau. With over 25 years of industry experience, we serve both small & large organizations to create successful security awareness and compliance programs on an international scale. Our team is a strong, creative powerhouse with a passionate vision and we consistently produce on-trend end-user training materials of the highest caliber.

Click on the link to learn more about The Security Awareness Company (SAC).


The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)™ is the community of choice for international cyber security professionals dedicated to advancing individual growth, managing technology risk, and protecting critical information and infrastructure. ISSA members and award winners include many of the industry’s notable luminaries and represent a broad range of industries – from communications, education, healthcare, manufacturing, financial and consulting to IT – as well as federal, state and local government departments and agencies. Through regional chapter meetings, conferences, networking events and content, members tap into a wealth of shared knowledge and expertise. Follow us on Twitter at @ISSAINTL.

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