Volume 18 Issue 1

ISSA Journal January 2020

Inside this month's issue:

  • NIST Ushers in a New Era of IT Risk Management | Stephen Berk
  • Countering Gender Disparity: Creating Anti-Predictions Using Data Science | Lori L. Cole
  • Smart Cities and Privacy | Paige M. Boshell
  • Immaturity and Moral Hazard in the Cyber Insurance Market | Kevin A. Sesock
  • Drone Hacking: Mirai in the Sky? | Clara Andress and Jason Andress
  • ISSA Strategic Partner – ITSPmagazine: The Future of Technology & Society | Time Traveling with Friends: 1840–2200; What Is SecOps’ Role in Protecting the Employee at Home? | At The Edge; An InfoSec Life | A Conversation with Phillip Wylie; A Conversation with Jinan Budge | Forrester Cybersecurity Predictions 2020

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