Volume 17 Issue 12

ISSA Journal December 2019

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Inside this month's issue:

  • Mobile Devices and the Fifth Amendment | Jaret Langston, Dale W. Callahan, and Joseph Popinski
  • Taking a Holistic Approach to Security | Steve Kirby
  • Data Security: On Premise or in the Cloud | Ulf Mattsson
  • The Web PKI of the Future | Carl Mehner
  • The Python Programming Language: Relational Databases | Constantinos Doskas
  • ISSA Strategic Partner: ITSPmagazine: To the Moon and Back. | Safely with Dr. Ron Ross; Unusual Gathering XXXV: Cybersecurity in Space and at Sea; An InfoSec Life: A Conversation with Chloé Messdaghi; A Conversation with Beverly Allen: ISSA International Summit 2019 Event Coverage

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