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Faraz Siddiqui is a Principal Solution Engineer at Akamai where he helps large enterprises in adapting Zero Trust security model with various transformation stages. He is an enterprise security evangelist with years of experience working for industry leading players like F5 Networks, Cisco Systems and Alcatel Lucent.

Faraz joined Akamai in 2016 through an acquisition of Soha Systems, a security startup which developed a completely new and modern way of enterprise access using a Cloud perimeter approach, which became the foundation of Akamai Zero Trust architecture.

At Soha Systems, he was the first Sales Engineer/TME responsible for leading different aspects of product management and pre-sales activities. Faraz has been a frequent speaker at various public events and conferences F5 Agility, Cisco Live, RSA and Akamai Edge.

He has published several white papers, blogs, industry best practices on application delivery, data center virtualization, Identity aware proxies and L4-7 service insertion techniques.

Having worked with large scale enterprises for over a decade, he has a great deal of understanding of the frustrations and challenges most customer face in transformation their legacy access architectures.

Faraz holds Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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