Making Security a Top Priority


DateOctober 1, 2019
Time2:10 PM – 3:00 PM

Because we know that at least two-thirds – and perhaps as much as 80 percent – of all data security incidents are the result of privileged user negligence or deliberate bad action, information security professionals must focus more than ever before on monitoring and limiting the access of insiders to the enterprise's data. Both human factors and automated process must be used in concert to lower this increasing risk. This seminar will discuss both types of controls that, when used together, provide a more effective solution to insider threat. This allows detection of malicious outsiders and insiders who have gone rogue or possibly benevolent users whose credentials may have been stolen. Role-based access, combined with the increased use of human intelligence and technology capable of creating a digital behavioral fingerprint for every authorized user, can more easily identify anomalies in user activity and alert leadership when there are deviations from normal behavior.

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