AI-Enhanced Futures: A CISO's Blueprint for Navigating Emerging Data risks in GenAI Era

Presented at the May Cyber Executive Forum 2024.

Session date:May 5, 2024
Session time:9:45 AM – 10:30 AM

In the rapidly advancing field of cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands at a crossroads as both a powerful ally and a potential concern in the realm of data security. This talk is designed to address the dual role of AI as both a driver of enhanced security measures and a source of new challenges in data protection. This presentation will specifically explore the pivotal role of the CISO in navigating these evolving risks. By outlining a strategic blueprint, it aims to empower CISOs to harness AI’s capabilities effectively while mitigating its vulnerabilities, ensuring a robust defense posture in the GenAI era.

Another great event that's part of our ongoing Cyber Executive Forum series.

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