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Software-Defined Segmentation – Challenges of Accelerated Enterprise

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December 11, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Web Conference

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ISSA Thought Leadership Series


Candice Benson


Lisa O'Connell


Businesses have turned to IT for competitive differentiation. They demanded IT bring accelerated delivery, resource conservation and cost savings. IT has responded with DevOps/cloud-based models and practices that utilize automation, autoscaling and playbooks. With this speed comes increased risk, compliance concerns and has left IT staff wondering how they can gain visibility and segmentation across their entire heterogeneous environments easily, effectively and at this new speed of innovation. With the realization that traditional methods of segmentation like VLANs, cloud security groups and firewalls are not suitable for today’s rapidly changing enterprise environments enterprises have turned to software-defined segmentation.

In this webinar come learn about how modern software-defined segmentation solutions:

Start with visibility.
Provide enterprises with easy ways to identify and label workloads.
Provide easy to implement, granular enforcement that goes way beyond IP address and port but is able to lock down by process, user and domain.
Enables DevOp automation, provisioning and management.
Is decoupled from and works in an agnostic fashion across every enterprise platform.
Provides unparalleled security while enabling compliance and ongoing compliance validation.


Robert Martin – Sr. Security Engineer, Cisco Systems Inc.

Robert Martin is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional with over thirteen years of experience in information security. He holds a Master of Science in Network Technology with a concentration in Information Security. He also holds a Cyber Security Masters Certification. He is a Sr. Security Engineer for Cisco Systems, Inc. in RTP, NC. Robert specializes in areas such as risk management, regulatory compliance, security solutions architecture, security audits, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing. From 2012-2015, Robert served as President of the Raleigh Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association. During that time, the chapter membership grew at a rate of 125%. Currently, Robert serves on the Raleigh ISSA Board as the Sponsorships Director. Robert is committed to serving the community through outreach by expanding the chapter’s mission to students and military. He has held several other IT Security Advisory Board positions over the years with a focus to bring about awareness of information security threats in an ever-changing global IT Security economy.

See Robert Martin‘s full profile.


Dave Klein – Senior Director of Engineering & Architecture, Guardicore

Dave Klein is the Senior Director of Engineering & Architecture for Guardicore.  With more than 21 years of real-world cybersecurity experience he works with Guardicore teams, customers and industry thought leaders to address the challenges of securing modern hybrid cloud environments.

Dave encourages CISOs faced with securing their organizations to adopt security solutions and best practices that work easily and seamlessly across their heterogeneous environments.

Prior to Guardicore, Dave was the Engineering Manager for Forcepoint’s Federal Sector where he drove growth by adapting the company’s behavioral heuristics, Bayesian logic and predictive capabilities to defend US agencies against Insider and Advanced Persistent Threats.  Dave also worked with other vendors, government and private sector entities on the NIST response to Presidential Policy Directive 21 on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience.  Before joining Forcepoint, Dave was a security leader at Cisco Systems.  Always a visionary, Dave was responsible for key enhancements in Cisco Network Admission Control, Ironport Web and Mail Gateways and other core Cisco security offerings and led some of the largest sales engagements for US Federal security solutions.  In the years preceding his work with Cisco, Dave worked for McAfee.  His work there included working with the City of New York post 9/11 for three years, helping shore up cyber defenses and developing a National, State and Local Government engineering and sales team.

Dave has spoken on a wide variety of cybersecurity topics including micro-segmentation, crytpojacking, hybrid cloud adoption, PCI compliance, stages of the cyber security kill chain, interactions between the physical and cyber worlds as it relates to the radicalization and arming of domestic terrorists, and using cyber forensics in real world criminal cases.

See Dave Klein‘s full profile.

Jonathan Fowler – CISO, Consilio

At Consilio, Jonathan led the effort to develop, implement, and monitor a rigorous global Information Security Management System to ensure compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 and SOC 2, Type 2 controls. Working in conjunction with the General Counsel and CIO, he currently directs all IT efforts to comply with global, national, and state privacy regulations and frameworks such as GDPR, Privacy Shield, HIPAA, and various U.S. and German state-level privacy regulations.

In a 3-year period, as the company more than quintupled in total revenue, he was responsible for growing the Information Security team from 3 to 10 full-time employees, while managing overall personnel costs and maintaining operational effectiveness by staffing positions in lower cost locations throughout the company.

As part of a comprehensive company-wide metrics initiative, they identified measurable trends in user activity in various departments pertaining to enterprise-wide Data Loss Prevention program that enabled the identification and prevention of sensitive internal corporate data leaving the company.

Jonathan has extensive experience briefing both the senior executive team and board of directors on issues pertaining to Information Security and Cyber Risk Management. Currently, He assists the CIO in global strategic planning, to include technology risk assessments for potential merger/acquisition targets. He leads the company's cross-functional Data Breach Incident Response team and regularly work with leaders of all operational groups to ensure that any security incidents are reported and mitigated in a timely manner.

See Jonathan Fowler‘s full profile.

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