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Is there a coming phishpocalypse? Generating (and detecting) phishing and spam emails with state-of-the-art language neural networks

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Date and Time

December 6, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

Event Category

Web Conference


Irene Fisher


Lisa O'Connell


Deep language-based neural networks are surprisingly good at generating and detecting text of all forms. Some AI labs have been hesitant to release the details of their models for fear that they would be used to spread fake news, spam, and disinformation. What if they were used to generate phishing campaigns, for example?

This talk will dive into the details of how phishing and spam emails can be created with these novel text generation neural-networks. The talk will also explain how these kinds of emails can be identified and prevented.

Join this talk to learn:

  • Background on neural networks in the security space
  • A primer on text generation using state-of-the-art neural networks
  • How phishing, spam, and malicious emails can be generated using these techniques.
  • Detection techniques for neural-network generated malicious emails


Kip Schroeder – Sr. Solutions Architect, Softchoice

Kip Schroeder is a Sr. Solutions Architect with Softchoice and lives with his wife in San Diego, California. He specializes in Cisco solutions though feels most at home assisting customers with their network security challenges. Kip has been with Softchoice since 2020 and prior to that twice worked for Cisco as a Sr. Systems Engineer for a total of 16 years. In between Cisco stints Kip traveled the world for a year and spent another two working for a manufacturer with a global footprint. In addition to his daily employment you can find Kip teaching network security principles as an adjunct instructor for a local community college. Throughout his career progression he has consistently gravitated toward security technologies earning his CISSP in 2005 along with a host of Cisco network and security certs along the way.

See Kip Schroeder‘s full profile.


Phil Syme – CTO and Co-Founder, Area 1 Security

Phil Syme has over 22 years of information technology experience. His areas of expertise include system architecture, data processing at scale, and cloud technologies. Phil is the CTO and a cofounder of Area 1 Security, a cloud-based next generation anti-phishing company. Phil was previously a Chief Engineer at Next Century Corporation where he served as a contractor for intelligence agencies. Prior to that he was also co-founder and Principal Engineer at eSymmetrix, and co-authored two introductory programming books. He holds a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science.

See Phil Syme‘s full profile.

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