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AIM: Developing Successful Mentoring and Apprenticeship Programs

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February 9, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Amelia Ghidotti


Lisa O'Connell


RapidAscents cybersecurity training program is at no out of pocket cost to learners. The 15-week DoL Registered Apprenticeship training program is in-depth and role-based from basics to job role simulated exercises, developed by leading practitioners in the space who have decades of experience in industry. Our training is supported by multiple grants one of which is the Department of Commerce to train entry level cybersecurity professionals. The RapidAscent team was selected for these grants due to our extensive background in cybersecurity. Our team has a combined experience of 25 years in corporate related cybersecurity skills. Our extensive experiences allows us to understand the needs of the learner as well as the company.

In this presentation, our team will introduce the DoL Registered Apprenticeship approach as well as share how ISSA-COS and RapidAsecent are working with the Colorado Springs Community both to increase mentoring and support the development of entry level cybersecurity professionals respectively.

We will walk through how we effectively partner with universities, industries, and other organizations related to ISSA to create a high quality turnkey apprenticeship programs. Will discuss different models for partnering that may benefit different ISSA Chapters and the greater community.



Brian DeMuth  – Co-founder, Cyber Bytes Foundation

Brian DeMuth is a successful entrepreneur who has spent his career supporting the U.S. National Security Mission. As Partner of Riphean Investments, Brian guides the development and implementation of business strategies that align to Riphean's partners' vision and objectives.

Brian is also Co-founder of the Cyber Bytes Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to developing a unique cyber ecosystem of educational and outreach programs that enhance developers and individuals in the cyber workforce.  Brian served as the President of the Board and currently advises the foundation on industry engagement.

A nationally recognized technical and business thought leader, Brian regularly presents at industry conferences including the Pennsylvania Automated Vehicle Summit, Hack the Capitol, Mobile World Congress and Automated Driving Systems Conference and Expo 2018. In 2020, he was recognized by DCA Live as a Rising Star of GovCon and has received multiple economic development awards and appreciation for his efforts in the DC area to the state of Michigan.

“Since I was young, I’ve been taking things apart and figuring out how they work. At 5 years old, I was taking apart my parents’ vacuum cleaner and putting it back together. At 14 years old, I was taking an engine out of a vehicle and rebuilding it. This was just the beginning. Once I started to understand how ‘things’ worked, I moved onto figuring out how people work.”  

Prior to joining Joel to launch Riphean Investments, Brian spent four years as the CEO of GRIMM, an engineering and consulting firm focused on ‘the art of the possible’ in cybersecurity. He was brought in to turn an already excellent brand into a profitable business that would attract a valuable acquisition. He accomplished that and more by leading the company to 40% year over year growth and attracting multiple acquisition offers from Industry leading corporations.

Brian has co-founded multiple technology product and services companies, serving as a board member and in an advisory capacity to enable the initial launch of the new company by utilizing his business and technical expertise to guide the business to a successful launch, followed by using his professional networking to introduce the new businesses to potential clients and partners providing the business with a better success rate.

Brian has extensive insight into the entire cyber workforce with 15 years of developing and implementing DoD and military department cyber range programs and training modules and programs for cyber warriors. He led multiple advanced system integration programs for Intelligence Community Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Offense Cyber capabilities development programs, as well as providing management consulting support to corporate information security strategies for large Fortune 50/100 Chief Information Security Officers.

Brian has sat on numerous advisory boards including Cyber Bytes Foundation, NVCC Cyber Workforce advisory board, GMU Cyber Curriculum working group, US Government Intelligence Fusion working groups, National security Advisory working groups, among others.

“I’ve had interesting and eclectic experiences. I’ve worked for Silicon Valley startups and defense contracting startups; I’ve worked on classified cyber projects and projects related to human intelligence. These experiences work together to give me a unique view within the industries we are supporting.” 

Working on behalf of programs out of the Defense Department Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), Brian supported Technical Transfer of advanced technologies into the commercial space by aligning technologies at national laboratories, such as the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, to commercial industry, and Government technology programs, with Venture Capital and Private Equity firms that would provide the funding to turn these technologies into commercially viable and sustainable products for commercial and US Government acquisition.

Additionally, Brian has 20 years of professional experience in national and international classified system network architecture design and implementation, cyber policy development and implementation, HUMINT and SIGINT systems design and integration, Counterintelligence program development, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility project development and execution and numerous related efforts that tie directly to national security and defense of the U.S. government’s systems and networks.

See Brian DeMuth ‘s full profile.

ISSA Webinars and Conference series cover all the continuing education credits to maintain your cyber security certifications. (CPEs, CEUs, ECE, etc). Each hour is equal to one continuing education credit. Certificates of completion are available upon request after completion. For instructions, click here.

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