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Customized Apprenticeship: New Program, No-Cost Resources for Talent Development and Retention

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Date and Time

July 25, 2022 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

Event Category

Web Conference


Irene Fisher


Lisa O'Connell


Organizations nationwide are struggling to fill open cyber roles and build a sustainable strategy for long-term talent development. As the labor market fluctuates, technologies accelerate, and threats escalate, organizations are looking for additional tools to acquire, train and retain top talent. Apprenticeship is a proven, employer-driven method for building a stronger, more skilled, and more diverse workforce as well as upskilling current workers. Learn how ISSA and Safal Partners, a U.S. Department of Labor national industry intermediary for tech apprenticeship expansion, are teaming up to provide members with information, tools, and no-cost expert support for integrating apprenticeship into your workforce strategy. 

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • How apprenticeship complements existing HR and talent development strategies 
  • About a new, national apprenticeship program open to ISSA members  
  • How to access no-cost technical assistance, industry-built online training, and incentive funding for apprenticeship 
  • The Administration’s priorities for supporting tech companies through apprenticeship 


Dr. Shawn Murray – Director, ISSA International Board of Directors

Shawn Murray is President and Chief Academic Officer at Murray Security Services and is assigned to the United States Missile Defense Agency. He is assigned as a Senior Cyber Security Professional and is an officer in the US Civil Air Patrol. His previous assignments include work with the US Army Cyber Command in Europe, US Air Force and with Commercial Industry in various roles in Information Assurance and Cyber Security. He has traveled the globe performing physical and Cyber Security assessments on critical national defense and coalition programs and has prepared reports for the House Armed Services Committee. 

Dr. Murray has worked with NSA, FBI, CIA and the US Defense and State Departments on various Cyber initiatives and has over 20 years of IT, communications and Cyber Security experience. He has presented as a featured or keynote speaker for numerous conferences across the globe and enjoys teaching and presenting as a guest lecturer on Cyber Security, business and computer science courses at his Cyber Academy and for several universities. He has several industry recognized certifications to include the C|CISO, CISSP and CRISC. He holds several degrees to include an Applied Doctorate in Computer Science with a concentration in Enterprise Information Systems. He has been recognized as a top instructor for EC Council’s C|CISO and C|ND certification program and has a 98% pass rate. 

Dr. Murray was recently re-elected as COO to the International Board of Directors for the Information Systems Security Association. He is a professional member of IEEE, ACM, ISSA, (ISC)² and is a FBI Infragard program partner. He enjoys spending time traveling with his family, researching and collaborating with other professionals in Cyber Security and Cyber Law and plays soccer on a local league in Colorado Springs.

See Dr. Shawn Murray‘s full profile.


Katie Adams – Sr Director, Safal Partners

Katie is Senior Director at Safal Partners, a national technical assistance leader in education and workforce. She is U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL)-recognized subject matter expert in apprenticeship, having developed and helping lead and provide technical assistance on nearly $40 million in USDOL and National Science Foundation contract and grant-funded programs over the past 11 years. Her work has focused on advancing industry-driven adult and youth apprenticeship programs aligned with secondary and post-secondary academic programs and integrated with the public workforce system to meet critical occupational needs across several sectors. Her work has directly supported registration of more than 2,500 new apprentices with a focus on historically underserved populations including women, minorities, Veterans and individuals with disabilities.

See Katie Adams‘s full profile.

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