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Kevin Rigney

The topics at the ISSA CISO Executive Forum are relevant to today’s challenging Information Security issues that span all industries. Relationships that I have formed through this venue with both participants and vendors are long-lasting and have proven to be invaluable resources in facing common challenges.

Ann Seltzer

I do not attend many of the information security conferences because I could teach most of the sessions they present. I continue to attend the ISSA CISO Executive Forums every year because the content is strategic, new, and valuable, the speakers are of the highest quality,…

Walter Williams

The opportunity to interact and network with others at this level, discussing challenges we all face honestly, candidly is invaluable.

Darlene Dean

In a recent project, there were several open source and over the counter products involved. The task at hand was to make sure that not only did the components integrate seamlessly, but securely as well. Using several of the best practices discussed in the ISSA monthly…

Ron Shuck

My security team regularly attends our local ISSA meetings. They gain the benefit of training and information sharing with other information security professionals. They also gain the opportunity to give something back to the security community in the form of topics they share. I know my…

Bruce Lobree

My association with ISSA enables me to build working relationships with professionals in my industry. We have shared common problems and found common solutions utilizing shared resources and training supplied by ISSA and at chapter meetings. This information allows me to design solutions in a more…

William E. Smith, Jr.

My involvement in ISSA has opened up job opportunities and friendships that would have otherwise not existed. More specifically, I’ve been able to develop and sustain professional relationships that I can rely on going forward. In addition, serving as a chapter officer has helped strengthen my…

Candy Alexander

ISSA has been extremely valuable to me, providing me with education and networking opportunities that have introduced me to areas that I would not have been without it. Because of this diverse exposure, it has enabled me to grow/progress into the executive level position of CISO.

Ken Desforges

The access I’ve had through ISSA to experienced professionals who have freely shared their expertise has benefited me and my employer in countless ways. For example, I recently asked a fellow member for advice and recommendations for a ‘multi-factor authentication solution.’ Members of my ISSA chapter…

John Rogers

Volunteering as a Board member has grown my understanding of the security field, given me leadership experience, and gave me the chance to network with peers – all of which have helped propel me in my career.

Damien Suggs

Joining the Metro Atlanta ISSA Chapter has been the best career move I have made on many fronts. As a chapter member, I have expanded my network within the profession, widened my circle of influence and increased the breadth of my knowledge. As a chapter officer,…

Nate Adams

Through a variety of mechanisms, ISSA offers unbiased information on a variety of information security issues and best practices. For example, we have found the information provided in the ISSA Journal to be helpful in discussions with our government sponsors on establishing frameworks for evaluating risks…

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