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Dr. Nancy M Landreville is an engineer currently engaged in nuclear physics to develop, design, and deploy APIs that enhance various handheld devices for asset remediation and threat management. As a ten-year senior member of IEEE as of 2022; interests in supporting various facets of structural mechanics have become an important goal in evaluating innovations that include the use of blockchain algorithms for network security monitoring to protect cryptocurrency with the use of smart contracts and Ethereum blockchain for data-in-transit and end point protection. She recently mentored professional students including bank attendees for MIT. In 2015, she accepted a contract with a colleague to develop the Insider Threat program for the Army. The soldiers and officers overseas received the training to maintain a means of behavior in awareness, action, and response for all Inside Threats in various environment during the wars and in peace. Her team was a small group of requested soldiers and Officers to provide input on their experiences to prepare cautionary action in the training. She prepared extensive training detail for each level of the Army from enlisted (E3) to Officer (O6). This training course for all levels is taught as an important knowledge-based effort for military in country and overseas. At the end of the contract, she prepared an After-Action Report. She is an innovator and has served as a computer scientist, engineer, developer, and contributor of guidance with NIST and ISOs with IEEE since 2010. She also served as a Management and Program Analyst for the Office of General Counsel and the Office of Inspector General for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. She is an author, contributor, reviewer, and working group member. She spoke on forensics for a NIST event, and servs on various councils with INSA and is a senior member and Vice Chair for IEEE. She achieved a GPA of 4.0, honors for several of her degrees and was inducted in three honor societies for academic excellence which included Delta mu Delta, International Golden Key, and the National Society of Leadership and Success, Sigma Alpha Pi. She completed two doctoral programs which included engineering, decision making, security management and information technology. She studied her first doctorate with honors for Doctor in Management (DM ABD) and completed her second doctorate with a PhD in Applied Management and Decision Science. She also holds a Master’s degree in technology management, and an honors Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), a Bachelor of Science in Law and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management plus a Certificate of Project Management for IT Professionals, a PLGL Certificate from the University and another from the military, completed of JAG courses for all online and self-study, a Certified Network Defender certification (CND), a Cloud Essentials certification (CE), a Cloud Cybersecurity Architecture certification (CCSA) and various other relevant certifications/certificates. One of her first certification activities was the Microsoft Certified Software Engineer (MCSE) and the A+ with CompTIA in Rockville, MD. She also completed the ranks of Associate Professor, and was promoted to a Full Professor several years ago at the University of Maryland where she has served as an Adjunct, Mentor, Course Developer, Course Chair, and Faculty Advisor. In addition, she is active with the Intelligence and National Security Association (INSA) and serves on the Technical Council and Cybersecurity Council as an advisor and researcher. She also taught Blockchain for MIT professional students and provided a webinar on Ethereum blockchain for MIT. She designed Multiphysics application designs and Network designs for extracting forensic findings. She is also active in Security and Leadership as an ISSA Cyber Executive member at the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) level of expertise. She has extensive experience as an author, educator, and academic in addition to her service as a former government executive and a military veteran.


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