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I am active with various organizations and have been a  Treasurer with ISSA BR for many years. I also served as a Vice President of Programs seeking talent for ISSA NOVA in obtaining speakers; and, maintaining my status over the past three years as a Cyber Executive member serving the government and military. I have been a consultant with Q and TS SCI security. Agencies contact me through a business to advise government leaders. I also serve as the Chair for the Baltimore Section for IEEE having served as the Vice Chair last year. I support various initiatives in engineering with cloud architecture, forensics, and mechanics. I have several ongoing projects and incorporate innovations for education and scientific development. I was a government and military leader and executive for several decades (i.e.: Computer Scientist, Functional System Security, Privacy Officer, Deputy for Office of General Counsel, and Executive with the Inspector General for the VA, etc.). I have also collaborated with IEEE and NIST for over 11 years in developing policies. I have six degrees with honors and I worked for the EPA for 17 years many years ago as a Technical Information Specialist, I also served in the military as a Military Police Officer and JAG over a few decades. I was a technical professional at an early age designing software and hardware innovations. I am a leadership volunteer with IEEE, NIST, INSA, ISSA, etc. I had my own business for consulting leaders since I left the government in 2014. I inactivate the business for high security venues and have been a temporary government employee for other organizations such as the National Science Foundation (NSF). I have been a full Professor as an adjunct instructing graduate and doctoral students. I have been designing security coures and serve as a partner with CompTIA for the government.

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