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As Director of Product Management for RSA, Dave Taku leads a global team responsible for the overall direction, development and execution of RSA’s Identity & Access Assurance strategy. Mr. Taku is a 14-year RSA veteran with twenty years of industry experience in networking and IT security.
As the head of global Product Management for Identity & Access Assurance, Dave Taku is responsible for the overall direction, development and execution of the RSA Identity product strategy. Dave has 20+ years of IT and cybersecurity experience and is a 14-year veteran of RSA (and knows where all the skeletons are buried).

In his spare time, Dave enjoys playing, building or restoring just about any musical instrument he can get his hands on. He is a part-time musician, amateur woodworker and aspiring luthier, enjoys fine Belgian beers, and will take apart anything just to see how it works. Dave lives in the backwoods of New Hampshire with his wife and two children and is a survivor (genetically speaking) of both the French Revolution and Hiroshima.

In previous roles, Mr. Taku was actively involved in major Federal IT initiatives including HSPD-12 and the DoD GIG-BE program.

During my five years as a Product Manager here at RSA, I’ve had the privilege of working with our customers on numerous projects involving RSA Federated Identity Manager, RSA Smart Card Solutions, and RSA SecurID. I currently serve as Product Manager for the RSA SecurID 800 hybrid authenticator, RSA Authentication Manager, and some new products that you’ll be hearing about in the near future.

For 10+ years I’ve worked as a Product Manager in the Security and Telecommunications industries. I’ve also spent a handful of years as a Network Engineer designing the high-speed fiber optic networks that fueled the pre-dotcom Internet gold rush. In my spare time, I am an avid volleyball player, amateur musician, and aspiring luthier.

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