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Dan Eldad, is the VP of Data and head of the data research department at Laminar. He's the mastermind behind helping customers classify and discover their data in the most accurate way possible, all while keeping an eagle eye out for any potential data security issues or leaks.
Dan's impressive credentials include over a decade of experience in the Elite Israeli Military Unit 8200, where he tackled data security research and cybersecurity operations with ease. Recently, he joined the Laminar team to launch the data research department and play a leading role in Laminar’s cutting-edge research team designed to help organizations protect their most sensitive data called Laminar Labs, working alongside founder and CTO Oran Avraham.
If that's not enough to impress you, Dan also holds a B.Sc. in computer science and physics and has even published a paper in the NLP domain while studying for his degree. When he's not busy ruling the data realm, Dan can be found hiking the scenic trails around Tel Aviv or strumming his guitar like a true rockstar

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