Getting from Point A to Point B in Your Career

Presented at the August Cyber Executive Forum 2023.

Session date:August 6, 2023
Session time:2:15 PM – 2:45 PM

Learning Objective #1: Have Confidence in Your Own Personal Journey
Learning Objective #2: Know Resources that will be useful for you to be Successful
Learning Objective #3: Get excited about your own Personal/Professional Journey using G.O.A.L.’s

With over 30 years in Security and Technology and a Career CISO, Tammy Moskites, CEO and Founder of CyAlliance has much to share about leadership, the journey and resilience. Tammy will review the importance of having a plan in place for your career goals. She will dig into different avenues in getting from Point A to Point B in your career. She will also dig deeper into How to Use and How to Implement her development objective program, “G.O.A.L.s for Success”, in your personal and professional worlds to get you where you want to be in your career Tammy will also discuss how you can leverage the same techniques to your personal journey. She will highlight the importance of what you can be doing mentally, emotionally, and physically to help you focus where you want to be in your career. It is not just about being in charge – it is finding the road to where you want to be now and in the future. It is a journey. This is not just for the beginner – but just as impactful for the CISO!

Another great event that's part of our ongoing Cyber Executive Forum series.

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