Making Security a Top Priority


DateOctober 2, 2019
Time2:20 PM – 3:35 PM

So you are a CISO, or Head of Cyber, or equivalent. What now? How do you stay in touch with the rest of the business? How do you get the right sort of attention, budget, and recognition of risks? Most approaches to security governance assume that ‘the business' is a monolithic entity; but businesses are permanently in a state of flux, with mergers, acquisitions and other strategic change leaping out of the undergrowth when you least expect it. Based upon first-hand experience by a CISO with over fifteen years in the Infosec field, this presentation sets out the challenges in dealing with the mutable organisation you are a part of, lists the techniques you can use to engage with and anticipate organizational change and gives actionable advice you can follow to ensure that information and cyber security remains on the board's agenda.

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