CISOs on Point: Time to Level Up and Bring Your A-Game A call to action for CISOs to elevate their game, seize growth opportunities, and lead with confidence into the future of cybersecurity.

Presented at the May Cyber Executive Forum 2024.

Session date:May 5, 2024
Session time:8:45 AM – 9:45 AM

We are at a pivotal moment in history, and we need to redefine our roles and embrace a transformative mindset that welcomes change. As a group, we will explore the idea that the modern CISO needs to transition from a historically risk-averse stance to becoming strategic and embracing an entrepreneurial one characterized by strategic vision and entrepreneurial insight. Drawing upon industry insights and emerging trends, we will highlight the necessity for CISOs to step into a proactive leadership role, effectively navigate complexities, promote innovation, and drive their organizations towards resilience and success as the threat landscape continues to evolve.

Another great event that's part of our ongoing Cyber Executive Forum series.

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