Zero Trust

The Evolution of Perimeter Security

Zero Trust: The Evolution of Perimeter Security

One key aspect of digital transformation for many companies has been the evolution and rise of the remote user. Application access from any device, anywhere has become an imperative for success, but with transformation comes challenges with attack surface and network vulnerability. Adopting a zero trust model is key to combat cybercriminals who are probing security perimeters and enterprise resources for vulnerabilities with a distinct purpose. Application access and identity is one of the key areas to begin.

Zero Trust Architecture

High Assurance Digital Identity in Zero Trust Architecture

The Zero Trust Architecture model accepts that secure data can no longer be adequately protected by network perimeter firewall design because there is no longer a physical network perimeter to protect. Digital entities (people and things) cannot be trusted until they have been authenticated through integrated digital ID services. High assurance digital identity has quickly become the center of IT cybersecurity. Fortunately, there are several side benefits to solving this security challenge.

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