Threat Hunting

How to Avoid the Vicious Cycle of React

Practical Advice for the Proactive SOC: How to Escape The Vicious Cycle of React

In this session, ExtraHop CISO Jeff Costlow will discuss how security operations teams can escape the cycle of reactivity characterized by constantly responding to a flood of alerts, and move toward a more proactive stance by using the right data sources and workflows, driven by network traffic analysis, to focus on developing proactive capabilities like continuous encryption auditing, policy auditing, and more advanced use cases like threat hunting.

10 Must Have Features of a Modern SIEM

10 Must-Have Features of a Modern SIEM

ith the return of innovation to the SIEM market, the definition of what comprises an effective solution has changed. Join Exabeam for an informative discussion on the ten essential features and capabilities for IT security decision-makers to look for when evaluating potential candidates.

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