Security as a Service for Small and Medium Business

Security-as-a-Service for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

How can IT security professionals take advantage of Security-as-a-Service to supplement their existing security programs? While cyber-attacks are increasing, your IT budgets and available security staff probably isn’t. You have too little time, too many alerts, and security tools are becoming more expensive and time-consuming. In this presentation, Ryan Kelly, Solutions Engineer, AT&T Cybersecurity and Kevin Landt, VP of Product Management, Cygilant, will explore ways that IT security professionals can leverage Security-as-a-Service options

How to Avoid the Vicious Cycle of React

Practical Advice for the Proactive SOC: How to Escape The Vicious Cycle of React

In this session, ExtraHop CISO Jeff Costlow will discuss how security operations teams can escape the cycle of reactivity characterized by constantly responding to a flood of alerts, and move toward a more proactive stance by using the right data sources and workflows, driven by network traffic analysis, to focus on developing proactive capabilities like continuous encryption auditing, policy auditing, and more advanced use cases like threat hunting.

SOC in the Cloud

Up Up and Away: Why The Modern SOC is Rooted in the Cloud

Today’s SOC teams are struggling to gain efficiencies that are grounded by the limitations of legacy, on-premise technologies. As a result, organizations are turning to cloud-based solutions to offer the flexibility and scalability they need to keep pace with the modern threat landscape.

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