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NextGen Cyber Talent is building an inclusive, talented and diverse cyber security workforce by connecting experts, enterprises, and talent to create new opportunities and build a strong global cyber security environment. NextGen programs prepare motivated, talented, and underrepresented students for careers in cyber security with education, training on technology, mentoring, and work experience. Our intent is to address the global talent shortage by tapping into underserved and often overlooked communities.

Our AIM Partnership With ISSA

A partnership with ISSA can provide NextGen students and skill-builders with exposure to a network of cyber security professionals as student members and participants in ISSA chapter meetings and joint ISSA-NextGen events. Due to life circumstances, many NextGen students are part time students working toward industry certifications vs. full time working toward a degree. A NextGen-ISSA partnership can increase DEI in ISSA’s outreach and student membership. ISSA’s professional membership benefits by gaining access via Nextgen to fresh, diverse talent through our internship and employment programs along with multiple opportunities to pay it forward as mentors, guest speakers, and event sponsors.

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