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A subset of General Membership, the Sponsored Membership program was established to provide companies and organizations the ability to offer their cyber security professionals membership in ISSA at a discounted rate for International dues.

Our sponsored membership program is available to any company that can sign up at least 10 new members to ISSA International and features a $30 discount per year of general membership (normally $95). ISSA will provide each organization a unique discount code that can be used at the point of checkout for any new members and communicate the code to employees to use during the application process.

Terms of the sponsored membership:

  • Sponsored Individual Memberships are non – transferable if an individual leaves the company
  • Sponsored Individual Memberships must be processed on an individual basis using the promo code provided to access the discount
  • The $30 discount is only valid for one year of ISSA General Membership. Subsequent membership terms are renewed at the normal rate

Chapter dues are required for each individual membership and are not subject to a discounted rate. Click here for a list of chapter dues

To obtain a promotional code for your company, please contact ISSA Member Services.

If you have already received a promo code, click here to join today (please note that you will be redirected to our "members" subdomain) . You will be able to enter the code and get $30 off your first year of General Membership at the checkout page.

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