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Over 6 years ago, Sai Honig gave up on a career in cybersecurity. At that time, she and her husband immigrated to New Zealand for a better quality of life. (This move did not come as a transfer within a company and no sponsorship was given.) After moving to a small town in New Zealand, Sai did not expect to work in cybersecurity. It was at the insistence of a contact made a few years earlier that she even applied for an Information Security role. That role led her to be noticed within the cybersecurity community of New Zealand. Her ability to explain cybersecurity concepts to non-technically minded people, earned her respect.

Since moving to New Zealand, Sai has served on the global board of ISC2 (2017-2019), and is currently on a board for Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and is a director for Black Cybersecurity Association (BSA). Locally, Sai cofounded the New Zealand Network for Women in Security. In 2020, Sai was named IFSEC Global influencers in security and fire 2020 in the category of “Cybersecurity Professionals”. A recognition given by peers. Sai continues to support the cybersecurity profession through advocacy, writing, speaking and mentoring.

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