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Paige is the Director of Information Security Program Management at Mainstay Technologies. In this role, she works with clients across many industries, of many sizes, supporting their Information Security Programs.

With an MBA from The Citadel, and close to 20 years of experience in training, client operations and program management, she works to align business operations with Security and Compliance requirements. Most of her time is spent working with clients to educate them on their security risk and compliance requirements, and to align their business processes with a strong security posture. Her love of a well written policy has proven to be beneficial in this role!

Paige leverages her time in the training field to work with clients on their training and awareness programs, to ensure that their staff is well educated, aware and alert, and can help protect the organization from Security threats.

In addition to her work at Mainstay, Paige and her husband are raising two great kids who know the value of a long and complex password and she enjoys spending time outdoors, with family, and is an Indoor Cycling Instructor for her local YMCA.

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