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Matt Tesauro is a Distinguished Engineer at Noname Security. When not writing automation code in Go, Matt Tesauro is pushing for DevSecOps everywhere by contributing to open source projects, presenting, training and continuing to co-opt new technologies. Prior to joining Noname, he rolled out AppSec automation at a major financial institution and founded 10Security. Other experience includes the Director of Community and Operations at the OWASP Foundation, Senior AppSec Engineer building an AppSec Pipeline and continuous security program for Duo Security, a Senior Software Security Engineer at Pearson and the Senior Product Security Engineer at Rackspace. He is also an Adjunct Professor for the University of Texas Computer Science department teaching the next generation of CS students about Application Security. Matt is a broadly experienced information security professional of 20+ years specializing in application and cloud security. He has also presented and provided training at various international industry events including DHS Software Assurance Workshop, OpenStack Summit, SANS AppSec Summit, AppSec US, EU and LATAM. His work has included security consulting, penetration testing, threat modeling, code reviews, training and teaching at the University of Texas and Texas A&M University. He is a lead for OWASP AppSec Pipeline & DefectDojo projects. The AppSec Pipeline project brings lessons from DevOps and Agile into Application Security while DefectDojo is an application that is the source of truth for DevSecOps activities and ingests output from 100 different security tools. He holds two degrees from Texas A&M University and several security and Linux certifications.

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