Joshua Marpet, B.A., Psychology, Psycho-Pharmacology, Statistic

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After a number of interesting (police, fireman, blacksmith) but unrelated professions, Josh began his security career with the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia as an information security engineer.

He is a current faculty member for IANS, the Institute for Applied Network Security, a co-host of Security and Compliance Weekly, a CMMC author, a member of the SPDX standards committee, and too many other places to list.

Joshua is currently the Executive Director and Chairman of the Risk Management ISAO (, the only membership organization developed to help small and medium federal contractors be compliant and secure. He’s also a founder and board member of MJM Growth, an equity based incubator and business brokerage.

Joshua is a graduate of MACH37™, the topcybersecuritystart-up accelerator designed to facilitate the creation of the next generation of cyber product companies.

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