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Jake Williams is an accomplished infosec professional with almost two decades of industry experience. After spending more than a decade in the US Intelligence Community performing various missions in offensive and defensive cyber, Jake founded Rendition Infosec where he leads a team of professionals performing adversary emulation, incident response, malware reverse engineering, forensics, and exploit development. He is an accomplished conference speaker and is a recognized leader in the infosec community. Jake loves teaching and mentoring other information security professionals and teaches thousands of information security professionals annually. After being called out by the Shadow Brokers, Jake's past is officially no longer a secret. He's lived through the things that most in our industry have only read about in books. He brings insight that his background affords to his professional work and mentoring, providing students and clients an experience they can't get anywhere else.

ISSA International Events Featuring Jake Williams

CISO Executive Forums

  • Software supply chain attacks, what they are, and how to threat model, and how to prepare for the inevitable next one

Web Conferences

No appearances at a web conference (so far).

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