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Francesco Chiarini is the founder and Chair of the Cyber Resilience Special Interest Group with over 1200 associates across the globe. In his day-to-day, he leads globally cyber resilience for Standard Chartered Bank with the aim to assess and evolve the Bank’s cyber resilience posture by highlighting the key strategic capabilities we need to sustainably stay ahead of the cyber threat. Francesco has 15+ years’ experience in IT and cyber security and joined Standard Chartered Bank from PepsiCo where he was in charge of one of the two global Cyber Fusion Centers (Poland), leading globally incident response, adversary emulation and cyber resilience.

Big aficionado of NIST and MITRE products and promoting the concept of threat-informed architecture (beyond threat-informed defence). From 2019 when NIST released the 800-160 publication, Francesco specialized in equipping companies with the ability to withstand and recover from multi-faceted attacks from advanced adversaries. He had the privilege to build a best-in-class cyber resilience program vetted -among others- by experts of the US CISA cyber resilience task force. In this capacity, Francesco has coined the concept of “high value target” and developed a methodology to identify assets’ value from an adversarial standpoint.

In 2022, he has co-authored -among others- the whitepaper “The Cyber Resilience Index: Advancing Organizational Cyber Resilience”. As well, Francesco has hired hundreds of information security professionals in Warsaw, Poland – he won a global innovation award from the US Consumer Brands Association in 2018 among Fortune-100 companies.

Founder of the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Special Interest Group (SIG) at and of the Poland group. 2021 Volunteer of the year award at, director for International Cooperation at ISSA Poland, Advisor of the Security Metrics SIG.

Francesco holds an MA in International Economics, and B.Sc. in Management Engineering and a number of professional certs.

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