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Dr. Cheryl Cooper holds a doctorate in Computer Science. She has 20 years of telecommunication and cybersecurity experience with T-Mobile Corporation. Dr. Cooper is a Senior member of ISSA and she holds several certifications, CISSP, CISSA, and CDPSE. She is an Adjunct Professor that provides practical and academic curriculum instruction under the Cybersecurity degree programs. Dr. Cooper is founder and president of Women in Security Mentors incorporation. An organization whose mission is to promote women and minorities in STEM careers through workshops, summits, and training. She is a veteran of the United States Navy. She has spoken at events and conferences such as the Women in Telecom Conference following the event of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centers, speaking lessons learned. She spoke at the International Engineering Consortium conference on the advantages and disadvantages of various types of Networks, and has been invited to speak and serve as a panelist at numerous cybersecurity, educational, privacy, and technology conferences. Over the last year she has been a keynote or panelist on several industry panels on recommendations to close the race and gender gap in STEM.

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