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Aaron Ferraiuolo is the founder, President and CEO of Uptime Sciences located in Eugene, Oregon. After 20 years providing business tech support as an employee, Aaron started the company in 2007 to become an advocate for the client-side of technology utilization. UpTime Sciences has implemented, supported, and optimized hundreds of networks for thousands of employees, from Nigeria to Hawaii.  In 2020, UpTime Sciences was recognized as one of the top 500 Managed Service Providers in the United States, and placed in the top 250 for innovative providers.  Aaron is currently serving on the board of the ISSA Eugene chapter.


With Identity and Privacy services being one of the core components of UpTime Sciences’ services to their clients, Aaron and Uptime are uniquely positioned on the front-lines of the day-to-day practice of risk-management and privacy, while innovating for the future challenges of privacy and security.

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