October Virtual Cyber Executive Forum 2020


DateOctober 23, 2020
Time12:45 PM – 1:45 PM

Sure, cybersecurity is often our forte, but don’t be surprised if your renowned risk management skills are requested and put to the test to deal with the growing litany of issues confronting organizations of all types this year and throughout 2021.  In this roundtable we’ll pick some topics, but you’ll drive the discussion.  We’ll select issues that are sure to confront and confound businesses and organizations, and we’re asking you to help layout the groundwork for determining how you dispassionately assess the risks.  In this roundtable we’ll set politics aside to deal with some of the biggest questions that are inevitably forthcoming: 


  • (Assuming) once a Covid-19 vaccine is available, will we allow employees, students, and visitors back into our offices and classrooms under ‘normal’ circumstances, or do the current mitigations stay in place?  Will we require a vaccination to return?  What is a company to do?
  • Online content hosts have long separated themselves from the idea or suggestion that they should police content, but others disagree, and the arguments for both sides are starting to get more introspective and complex.  Nearly all organizations host discussion content today, either for internal or external consumption… so how will your organization respond to controversial content when it shows up on your platform?
  • Businesses – usually – try to stay out of the fray of political and social issues and focus on the products and services at hand.  But as the ‘social contract’ between businesses, employees, and consumers has been reassessed, some CEOs have decided to dive into the middle of these issues and adopt new obligations of corporate responsibility.  What are the risks of this move, and how does a company respond, knowing that – in many cases – there will always be a dissatisfied party?
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