Making Security a Top Priority


DateOctober 1, 2019
Time8:15 AM – 9:30 AM

In this fireside chat, Sean Martin discusses the profession of cybersecurity, past, present, and future with Dr. Ron Ross from the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The interview will cover a myriad of topics including Dr. Ross’ cybersecurity career with the Department of Defense, the Intelligence Community, and NIST; a retrospective of the key projects and cybersecurity initiatives he had led during his forty-five years of public service; mentoring the next generation of cybersecurity professionals; lessons learned; and key cybersecurity and privacy challenges and opportunities for the future.

This is a rare opportunity to hear Ron Ross share his life story with Sean Martin and the ISSA audience during this intimate fireside chat presented as the keynote during the ISSA International Summit taking place in Irving, Texas.

Some of the Key Topics we will Explore During this Keynote Fireside Chat:

  • What was Ron’s entry into InfoSec
  • What does Ron’s career path look like
  • We’ll take a deep dive into NIST and the work Ron has been involved with
  • Ron’s view of how to successfully run programs and build/manage Infosec teams
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