December Virtual Cyber Executive Forum 2021


DateDecember 10, 2021
Time3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

The last two years have seen significant financial losses from ransomware and other cybercrimes perpetrated against companies of all sizes. These losses have driven significant cyber insurance claims activity, which, in turn, has resulted in premiums rising with coverage being reduced.

The COVID lockdowns were certainly a factor in accelerating these attacks, and it is clear that our growing shift to even greater digital reliance will have the continued consequences of cyber attackers compromising companies in new and evolving ways. With so much news about organizations being hacked daily, one can feel like there is no ability to be safe. However, best practices can limit the impact and damage caused by a cyber-attack and insurance can help with recovery.

During this fireside chat, we will address the factors driving significant change in the cyber insurance market, and how these changes are beginning to integrate cyber risk management and technology. We will discuss the increased security requirements cyber insurers are expecting to be deployed in order to offer coverage, and the best way for both small and large companies assess how to navigate a complex cyber security environment

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