Making Security a Top Priority


DateOctober 2, 2019
Time10:10 AM – 11:00 AM

CMMI Institute interviewed CISOs/CSOs to identify common themes in the challenges organizations are facing and the best thinking in solving those challenges. Recognizing the need to provide a holistic solution that aligns pragmatic insights with business objectives, CMMI Institute has developed a risk-based approach to building cyber resilience. As the global leader in the advancement of best practices in people, processes, and technology CMMI Institute enables organizations to benchmark their capabilities and build maturity by comparing their operations to best practices and identifying performance gaps. Doug Grindstaff will drive audience engagement by sharing:

  • Learnings sourced from conversations with more than 600 public and private sector CISOs/CSOs globally
  • How the CMMI Institute developed a risk-based methodology that provides a holistic view of cyber capability and maturity
  • Pragmatic insights on how organizations can take action now
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