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Dr. Eric Cole, founder of Secure Anchor Consulting, is a renowned security expert with over two decades of in-the-trenches experience in IT and network security. He is the author of several books and textbooks, including Advanced Persistent Threat, Hackers Beware, Hiding in Plain Sight, Network Security Bible 2nd Edition, and Insider Threat, and has presented at many major conferences. He also served as a member of the Commission on Cyber Security for the 44th President, Barack Obama, and sits on several executive advisory boards.

Dr. Cole has created the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Certification: The only REAL CISO Certification that is developed by a CISO and covers the strategic mindset of what is needed to be a security leader. Contrary to popular path, the CISO is not necessarily a technical career path for a world class security engineer. A world class security engineer needs technology depth and tactics, a CISO needs strategy and vision. Join Dr. Cole for 6 months in this in-depth deep dive CISO training (40hrs of content) and monthly group coaching program.

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