Volume 17 Issue 11

ISSA Journal November 2019

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Inside this month's issue:

  • Secure DevOps before DevSecOps | Tony Rice
  • DevSecOps: A Systemic Approach for Secure Software Development | Seetharaman Jeganathan
  • Securing Terminology: Lessons from Interdisciplinary Research | Delmer Nagy, Herbert Gomez, and Christopher Copeland
  • Changing the DevOps Culture One Security Scan at a Time | Jon-Michael Lacek
  • The Python Programming Language: Relational Databases | Constantinos Doskas
  • ITSPmagazine Podcasts: A Fireside Chat with NIST Fellow Ron Ross during ISSA International Summit 2019 | Ron Ross
  • ITSPmagazine Podcasts: A Conversation with Vandana Verma; On Disability, Technology, and Flourishing | Vandana Verma
  • ITSPmagazine Podcasts: A Conversation with Joel M. Reynolds; MITRE ATT&CK—This Is Not Just Another Framewor | Joel M. Reynolds
  • ITSPmagazine Podcasts: A Conversation at the Edge with Katie Nickels, Fred Wilmot, and Ryan Kovar | Katie Nickels, Fred Wilmot, and Ryan Kovar

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