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Inside this month's issue:

  • Public Policy and Cybersecurity | Glorin Sebastian, CISSP, CISA
  • Regulation, Public Policy, and the Law | Nishant Srivastav
  • Cybersecurity: Disaster Recovery Plan to Protect Business and Ransomware | Nishant Srivastav
  • CIS Controls: Best Practices to Cope with Threats and Attacks on Privileged Accounts | Nishant Srivastava
  • The Most Common Control Deficiencies in CMMC non-compliant DoD contractors | Vijay Sundararajan and Arman Ghodousi
  • The Many Ways of BYOK | Jeff Stapleton
  • Python Programming: Object-Oriented Programming | Constantinos Doskas – ISSA Senior Member, Northern Virginia Chapter

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