ISSA/ESG 2020 WFH Survey: Impact on Cyber Security

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Thank you for participating and supporting us with this survey.  Results will be shared over the next month.

Our workforce landscape has been forever changed.  With the onset of COVID 19, a rapid switch was necessary to allow work from home or remote working for all or most of the employees within your organization. 

We are surveying cyber security professionals like yourselves to better understand the landscape and how it has affected our profession, our careers, and our organization’s security posture.

Now that we have made or still making the shift, what will it mean for the future.

The Workforce Pivot

  • What does the landscape look like?
  • How has this affected your industry, career, and organization’s security posture?
  • What will our new normal look like?
  • How will we respond as cyber professionals?

Join your cyber security colleagues from around the world to ensure your perspectives are earmarked for further development and analysis. 

Take an active role in the future of the cyber security industry and the InfoSec careers!



The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)™ is the community of choice for international cyber security professionals dedicated to advancing individual growth, managing technology risk, and protecting critical information and infrastructure. ISSA members and award winners include many of the industry’s notable luminaries and represent a broad range of industries – from communications, education, healthcare, manufacturing, financial and consulting to IT – as well as federal, state and local government departments and agencies. Through regional chapter meetings, conferences, networking events and content, members tap into a wealth of shared knowledge and expertise. Follow us on Twitter at @ISSAINTL.

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Enterprise Strategy Group

The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) is an IT analyst, research, validation, and strategy firm that provides actionable insight and intelligence to the global IT community. Recognized for its unique blend of capabilities—including market research, hands-on technical product testing, economic validation, and strategy consulting services—ESG is relied upon by IT professionals, technology vendors, investors, and the media to clarify the complex.

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