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Government Organizational memberships offer government agencies the opportunity to purchase an ISSA membership for an employee. Unlike General and CISO Executive memberships, which belong to the employee, Organizational memberships belong to the employer and can be transferred as reassignments occur. When an employee is assigned to an Organizational membership, he or she has all of the rights and privileges of a General Member including the rights to vote and hold office.

This membership is applicable to those employed by government agencies at the national, state/provincial, county or municipal levels.

We offer 3 different options for Government Organizational Membership:

  • 1-Year Membership – $90 (USD) plus 1 year of chapter dues
  • 2-Year Membership – $175 (USD) plus 2 years of chapter dues
  • 3-Year Membership – $260 (USD) plus 3 years of chapter dues
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