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From the President


ISSA International President Keyaan Williams

The Future Is Bright

Things continue to change for the association. Although we've had a few hiccups in 2018, the future of the association is bright. As we prepare for the new association year and a new cadre of directors on the International Board, I'd like to provide some information and context about notable items coming up in conversation around the membership right now.

ISSA website

The URL that members are accustomed to visiting,, was automatically redirecting to Although the temporary address was legitimate, we did a poor job of communicating what was going on for our members. We hoped to resolve the situation faster than we did. Now that things are back in order, I think an explanation is still worthwhile.

The backend provider for the ISSA membership website recently transitioned its original data center to Amazon Web Services (AWS). ISSA received limited notice about the change. When we were notified, we had to quickly choose between continuing to manage our own DNS or giving DNS control to a third party. We decided to go with the former option for the following reasons: 

  • We were concerned about the possible risk of interruption or disruption to services made available to chapters within our current environment
  • We are in the early stages of planning a new website and did not want our options to be limited
  • We did not want to rebuild various chapter subdomains and other services within the new hosting environment

A consequence of the transition to AWS and our decision to continue to self-manage our DNS was that the ISSA website temporarily redirected to a site that led many people to think the ISSA website was compromised. We apologize for the confusion this caused. This experience provided a good opportunity to update our communication procedures to avoid repeating the same mistakes when another situation arises.

Changing the bylaws

The International Board is made up of dedicated volunteers who are doing their best to serve the interests of the association and our members.

The way the ISSA operates has changed significantly since changes to the bylaws were last ratified in 2001. During ISSA's 2018 election cycle, members had an opportunity to vote to accept or reject amendments that modernize the association bylaws and reflect the way ISSA currently operates. The amendments that members saw were the final recommendations that received approval following their review by a special meeting of chapter presidents. The changes on the ballot are the only proposals that received majority support from the International Board and the chapter presidents who participated in the review process.

One of the more controversial changes was the proposal to extend the term of service for members of the International Board. The board manages the official business of the association during eight days of face-to-face meetings (two days each quarter), and one-hour web calls hosted each month to address critical items. Extending the two-year term to three years provides time for the elected members of the board to accomplish their goals, projects, and initiatives before their terms expire.

Monthly chapter leaders call

I encourage all chapter leaders to participate in the regular chapter leaders calls that the ISSA Chapters Committee offers. We have significant participation from some chapters, but many chapters are not taking advantage of this opportunity to collaborate and receive advance information about important events and activities at ISSA that affect the membership. Participation provides the best opportunity for chapter leaders to discuss what is happening behind the scenes and relay that information to their chapter members.

Thank you,

~Keyaan Williams

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