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ISSA Thought Leadership Series

The Persistent Pernicious Myths and Hidden Truths of Cybersecurity

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November 6 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EST

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Web Conference

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ISSA Thought Leadership Series

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Encryption, Endpoint Security, Insider Threat, Pen Test, Ransomware


ISSA International


Lisa O’Connell

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1 (703) 382-8196


IT implementors are made less successful due to ‘Technical Debt’. Cybersecurity suffers from ‘Myth Debt’, where the same untrue tropes are repeated and hold us back. It takes experience to recognize these myths, but worse still is they can mask the valuable truths that lie within the myth. These never-dying misunderstanding spread outside cybersecurity and falsely inform the IT and business leaders, making it harder still to stop bad things from happening.

So let’s poke some holes in some myths, pick some or all:

  • Insider threat is the biggest worry
  • Great Pen Tests mean excellent security
  • Any attacker motivated enough can hack you easily
  • Security training and education of devs will get us secure code and apps
  • The cloud is secure. The cloud is insecure
  • Encrypting everything makes for strong security
  • Spending more on security makes security better
  • Excellent endpoint security means we no longer have to worry about network or other security
  • You can’t defend yourself against ransomware


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