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Healthcare Needs Your Help! How To Become the Next Security Leader or Information Security Officer

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September 14, 2017 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

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CISO Mentoring Webinar Series

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Candice Benson



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The healthcare industry has been plagued with many cybersecurity related issues. From recent ransomware to Petya and Not Petya attacks, data breaches, insiders, DDOS, incidents, these all disrupt any healthcare organization’s ability to provide patient care. The healthcare industry poses unique challenges; there are ramifications beyond breach of privacy and financial loss. As a result, the healthcare industry needs security leaders and professionals. “The average life span of a CISO’s career at any organization and industry is 17 months.”

Register and come to this “informal” session to learn how Roy got started in information security and helps detail his career path. Would he do something different today? What skills are required? There will be a lot of key takeaways and resources that can be used right away. He will describe his experiences as a healthcare security officer. What are the challenges? What are the path(s) to become the security leader, ISO or CISO? Are there any reference materials, websites or blogs? Additionally, feel free to bring any questions that you have about the topic to have them answered.


Roy Wattanasin

Roy is currently an information security consultant based out of Hong Kong. Previously, he was the information security officer at a Massachusetts healthcare medical center (for many years) responsible for all aspects of the information security program. Roy has also worked in the consulting, financial, life sciences, technology and academic industries as well. He has also been a long-time ISSA New England member, a ISSA Healthcare SIG contributor/member and a ISSA CISO Forum member.

Additionally, Roy is an avid speaker who has spoken at many conferences and webinars. Roy also enjoys data forensics & incident response, building security in and managing relationships. He is heavily involved with many computer security groups including ISSA, OWASP Boston, BASC and the local US and APAC communities. Roy is also a member of multiple advisory groups. He was an adjunct instructor at Brandeis University for over 10+ years as part of the Health and Medical Informatics program and is also one of the co-founders of that program. He is credited for bringing back the Security BSides Boston conference (setting the standards) and enjoys seeing it grow each year and being successful with its new team members. Furthermore, Roy is also a MedSec and @iamthecavalry member.

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