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Creating a Successful Security Awareness Training Program

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September 22, 2021 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

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Web Conference


Irene Fisher


Lisa O'Connell


Organizations historically have relied on their Cybersecurity, IT and their Networking teams to purchase technologies to provide defense-in-depth protection for their organizations. While this is necessary, most organizations never think that their biggest risk is actually their untrained employees. With the onslaught of phishing, malware, ransomware attacks and Business Email Compromise or CEO Fraud, we are at a critical point that each and every organization needs to have a successful training program in place to properly educate their employees on how to identify social engineering attempts, or they are almost guaranteed to fall short of its security objectives and they will become a victim of cybercrime, and in many cases this can be a very expensive lesson to be learned. Ninety percent of security breaches are caused by Human Error. A successful security awareness training program will not only educate your employees. A successful program will also empower them to make changes to their behavior and embrace a security minded culture, securing themselves and in turn, securing your organization. But how can organizations take the next step beyond training when changing human behavior is such a complex process. Traditional security awareness programs are not enough—you need to develop Security-Minded Employees and make it part of the corporate culture. In this webinar, Larry Cates, President and CEO, and Suzanne Gorman, Vice President, Information Security and Risk Management Evangelist with Global Learning Systems will discuss:

  • Setting objectives to make your program successful
  • Biggest risks to any organization
  • Elements of a Successful Security Awareness Program
  • Quantifying Your Success


Kip Schroeder – Sr. Solutions Architect, Softchoice

Kip Schroeder is a Sr. Solutions Architect with Softchoice and lives with his wife in San Diego, California. He specializes in Cisco solutions though feels most at home assisting customers with their network security challenges. Kip has been with Softchoice since 2020 and prior to that twice worked for Cisco as a Sr. Systems Engineer for a total of 16 years. In between Cisco stints Kip traveled the world for a year and spent another two working for a manufacturer with a global footprint. In addition to his daily employment you can find Kip teaching network security principles as an adjunct instructor for a local community college. Throughout his career progression he has consistently gravitated toward security technologies earning his CISSP in 2005 along with a host of Cisco network and security certs along the way.

See Kip Schroeder‘s full profile.


Suzanne Gorman – Vice President, Information Security and Risk Management Evangelist, Global Learning Systems

Vice President, Information Security, and Risk Management Evangelist at Global Learning Systems. Suzanne is well known for designing and implementing comprehensive information security programs, with an emphasis on security awareness training. She holds both CISSP and CRISC certifications. Suzanne has spent most of her 35+year career on Wall Street leading large Information Security teams. Suzanne was an active contributor to numerous government councils and advisory committees, she worked on government initiatives at both state and federal levels. Suzanne has served as the Chairperson of the Financial Services Information Sharing Analysis Center (FS/ISAC) and ISAC Council. She has testified before Congress on “Cybersecurity for The Homeland.” Information Security Magazine honored Suzanne with a “Women of Vision” award naming her one of the top 25 most influential women in the information security industry. Network World also named Suzanne one of “The 50 Most Powerful People in Networking” and “Top 100 Women Leaders of Tampa for 2022.”

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Larry Cates – President and CEO, Global Learning Systems

Larry Cates is the President and CEO of Global Learning Systems, a leading provider of enterprise security awareness and compliance training solutions to Fortune 1000 clients. Working directly with senior-level executives and security officers, Mr. Cates advises and consults on the design and implementation of client-tailored security awareness training and behavior management programs that address key security concerns and prevent security breaches related to inappropriate user actions. Mr. Cates and the GLS team are actively developing new solutions and capabilities that promote an organizational security culture through user assessments, security metrics and goals tracking, as well as game-based learning, behavioral analytics tools and just-in-time targeted user training.

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