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The 2023 Annual Membership Meeting was held on September 7 @ 1:00 PM EDT, This meeting is held once a year to provide the membership with information on the past year, current happenings, and the future direction of your professional association. Click here to see the recorded version of the meeting.

The 2023 annual membership meeting slides are now available. Click here.

ISSA is the community of choice for international cybersecurity professionals dedicated to advancing individual growth, managing technology risk and protecting critical information and infrastructure.

The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)® is a not-for-profit, international organization of information security professionals and practitioners. It provides educational forums, publications, and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill, and professional growth of its members.

Core Purpose

To promote a secure digital world.

Mission Statement

ISSA is a nonprofit organization for the information security profession committed to promoting effective cyber security on a global basis.

  • Being a respected forum for networking and collaboration
  • Providing education and knowledge sharing at all career lifecycle stages
  • Being a highly regarded voice of information security that influences public opinion, government legislation, education and technology with objective expertise that supports sound decision-making

Core Values

Integrity: Evidenced by a reputation for trustworthiness earned through ethical, fair, transparent, and professional behavior.

Excellence: Evidenced by a commitment to expertise and experience in our field.

Respect: Evidenced in appreciation of the value of diverse perspectives and experience in promoting a culture of leadership and innovation in a global organization.

Strategic Goals

Goal A:  Leadership: ISSA will lead the global security community collaboration to protect society from security threats.

Goal B:  Program: ISSA will provide the profession with highly qualified practitioners and high-quality education and training.

Goal C:  Influence: ISSA will serve as a respected and trusted source and advisor on information security-related technology, education, standards, and public policy.

ISSA International By-Laws

ISSA is the premier global cyber professional association dedicated to supporting its members and the industry

ISSA Annual Membership Meeting


  • Organize and provide international summits, local chapter meetings and seminars that offer educational programs, training, and valuable networking opportunities
  • Provide access to information through the ISSA website as well as online e-newsletters and in the monthly ISSA Journal
  • Earn CPE credits by attending chapter meetings, ISSA Web Conferences, subscribing to the ISSA Journal or serving as a chapter or international council leader
  • Offer opportunities for members to volunteer by joining committees, which provide leadership opportunities in the security industry
  • Enhance professional stature and advance the profession by sharing your expertise as an event speaker or contributor to the ISSA Journal

Click on the link to explore membership options.

To view the recording 2021 Annual Membership meeting held on September 8. Click here.

Click here to download The 2021 ISSA annual report

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