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From the President


ISSA International President Keyaan Williams

Moving ISSA Forward

Many changes have taken place with the ISSA since my appointment as president in 2017.

First and foremost, the board is working to complete the transition to self-management that started last November. Part of this transition involves stabilizing critical functions like financial management, operations, legal and regulatory obligations, and governance. In the past, we relied completely on a single management company to support most of these functions. This approach worked; however, it is far from optimal to allow a single company to provide and control so many of our critical services. Our shift to self-management will provide flexibility and separation of duties, allowing us to negotiate the best deal with the best provider available to meet our needs.

All forms of restructuring carry the potential of creating disruptions and dissatisfaction for people accustomed to the “old way” of doing things. The perception of changes within our organization varies, depending on whom you ask and when. Members and chapter leaders who have received support from our new service providers are generally satisfied with our recent changes and improvements. Others are less satisfied because things are different or, admittedly, we have dropped the ball here or there for longstanding activities as we migrate to the new way of doing things. Ultimately, the entire board is committed to delivering the best possible value to our members, our chapters, and our stakeholders.

On behalf of the board, I have committed publicly and in writing that we will provide as much transparency as possible regarding the actions we take on behalf of our association. This commitment makes it easier for the members of our association to hold the board accountable for our decisions. This commitment also makes it easier for our members to provide input about the direction the board is taking. As we look forward into 2018, now is a good opportunity to highlight the direction in which the ISSA International board plans to take the association in the short term.

During the January International Board of Directors meeting in Scottsdale, the board agreed that the financial and operational resources of the ISSA will be dedicated to the following short-term priorities:

2018 ISSA international conference

Our needs and requirements have changed since the original contract for the 2018 international conference was signed in December 2015. We are working with the venue to find the optimal solution for the conference in Atlanta. We will be opening the call for speakers and scheduling the planning meetings as soon as we finalize the logistics details.

Chapter and member communications

We are working to improve and standardize communication between ISSA International and our members and chapter leaders. In the past, most chapter and member communications relied on a single person. Now, we have a full team of people to support inquiries for our chapters and individual members. We have made progress to ensure that all inquiries receive timely answers. In addition, we are strengthening relationships with chapters via the Chapters Committee led by ISSA Vice President Roy Wilkinson. We still have opportunities to improve the processes, which explains why chapter and member services are identified as critical priorities for the association.

Committee participation

Each member of the International Board of Directors leads a committee that supports the management and direction of the association. We are working to complete formal documentation for each committee in an official charter that describes the role, function, and purpose of the committee. These charters will ensure members understand what each committee exists to do, how members can contribute and participate on the committee, and which director on the International Board is responsible for the committee’s activities. This information supports accountability for our board members, and it creates an opportunity for members to get engaged in the management of the association by their participation in a committee. Please find the list of directors in this month’s >association news.

Each of these concerns is critical to the ongoing success of the ISSA. Our focus on these priorities does not minimize the importance of other initiatives and services we already provide.

I look forward to your input and participation as we work to accomplish these goals.

Thank you,

~Keyaan Williams

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