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Fellow Program

The Spring 2015 Fellow Program Cycle is Now Open!

Thank you for your interest in the ISSA Fellow Program. The Fellow Program recognizes sustained membership and contributions to the profession. No more than 1% of members may hold Distinguished Fellow status at any given time. Fellow status will be limited to a maximum of 2% of the membership. Nominations and applications accepted semi-annually and are currently open for the spring selection cycle. 

Applications and all supporting documents must be received no later than May 15, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time to be considered for the Fall cycle

Familiarize yourself with the Fellow Program, and the submission guidelines. If you have questions, contact or call 866 349 5818 (US toll free), + 1 703 234 4082 (international), extension 4082.

Become a Senior Member

Any member can achieve Senior Member status, the first step in the Fellow Program. What are the criteria?

  • 5 years of ISSA membership
  • 10 years relevant professional experience
  • All Senior Member applications require an endorsement from their home chapter to qualify

    Click here to submit your Senior Member Application
    Click here to submit the Chapter Endorsement on behalf of a Senior Member Applicant


    Fellow and Distinguished Fellow

    Have you led an information security team or project for five or more years? Do you have at least eight years of ISSA membership and served for three years in a leadership role (as a chapter officer or Board member or in an International role)? You may be eligible to become an ISSA Fellow or Distinguished Fellow. Please consult the Fellow Program Guidelines and use the current forms to ensure you comply with all requirements.

    Fellow Qualifications

    • 8 years of association membership
    • 3 years of volunteer leadership in the association
    • 5 years of significant performance in the profession such as substantial job responsibilities in leading a team or project, performing research with some measure of success or faculty developing and teaching courses
    • All Fellow applications require a nomination to qualify

    Click here to submit your Fellow Application
    Click here 
    to submit a Nomination on behalf of a Fellow Applicant
    Click here to submit a Letter of Recommendation on behalf of a Fellow Applicant (optional)

    Distinguished Fellow Qualifications

    • 12 years association membership
    • 5 years of sustained volunteer leadership in the association
    • 10 years of documented exceptional service to the security community and a significant contribution to security posture or capability
    • All Distinguished Fellow applications require a nomination to qualify

    Click here to submit your Distinguished Fellow Application
    Click here 
    to submit a Nomination on behalf of a Distinguished Fellow Applicant
    Click here to submit a Letter of Recommendation on behalf of a Distinguished Fellow Applicant (optional)


      Current Fellow Program Members

      Distinguished Fellows



      Candy Alexander
      Anjali R. Atanacio
      Kelley Archer
      James Carr
      Howard "Skip" Chapman
      Debbie Christofferson
      Andrew L. Briney
      Dorothy Denning
      John Dickson
      David K. Dumas
      Ken Dunham
      Rick Ensenbach
      Donald Evans
      Joseph R. Filer
      Pamela Fusco
      Susan Hansche
      Andrea C. Hoy
      Steve Hunt
      Sandra Lambert
      Doug Landoll
      Lynn McNulty
      George F. "Chip’’ Meadows, Jr.
      Mary Ann Mezzapelle
      Jon I. Miller
      Richard Mosher
      William H. Murray
      Patricia Myers
      Ed Norris
      Richard Owen, Jr.
      Alan Paller
      Donn Parker
      Steven "Scott" Parker
      Jean Pawluk
      Ralph Spencer Poore
      George Proeller
      Marcus Ranum
      Jeff Reich
      Kevin Richards
      Joan L. Rose
      Ron Ross
      Howard Schmidt
      Bruce Schneier
      Brian R. Schultz
      Eugene Schultz
      Sanford Sherizen
      Frank Simorjay
      Eugene Spafford
      Mark L. Spencer
      Harold Tipton
      William Tompkins
      Joel Weise
      Gregory B. White
      Roy Wilkinson
      Branden R. Williams
      Vernon Williams
      Ira Winkler
      Ernest E. Zernial

      Carl Alexander
      G. Joanne Ashland
      Maureen W. Baran
      Nicole Beebe
      Bob Bennett
      Scott Binder
      Barbara Bookstaver
      Mark Burnette
      William Cellich
      Mario Chiock
      William Conklin
      Joel Cort
      Dave Cullinane
      Ralph Durkee
      Rhonda Farrell
      Garrett D. Felix
      JoAnn Fisher
      Randall Frietzsche
      Donald R. Glass
      Richard Greenberg
      Joseph Griffin
      Phillip H. Griffin
      Michael Grimaila
      Alex Grohmann
      Ramsey Hajj
      Geoff Harris
      Steve Haydostian
      Ron Helsley
      William Bradford Hoelscher, Jr.,
      Tim Hoffman
      Tim Holman
      Gerald Isaacson
      Frank Knobbe
      Tim Krabec
      Mollie E. Krehnke
      Dan LoPresto
      Joseph R. Malec
      Nicolas Mautner
      Pamela Miller
      Gordon Mitchell
      Bart Moerman
      David Nelson
      Brian O'Hara
      Michael O'Neill
      W. Warren Pearce
      Michael Peters
      Jeffrey Pettorino
      Betty Pierce
      Joseph Popinski
      Wayne Proctor
      Nils Puhlmann
      Arthur Richard
      Anne Rogers
      Mary Rowley
      Denis Shaink
      Ron Shuck
      Robert G. Sipes
      Vince Skinner
      Artur Ślubowski
      Louis Smith
      Michael Starks
      Richard Starnes
      Glenn S. Tenney
      Cindy Thornburg  
      Ray Wagner
      Aaron Wampach
      Robin Wheeler
      James Wilcox
      Branden Williams
      Mark Douglas Williams
      Vern Williams
      Mark A. Wilson
      Melody Wilson
      R. Glenn York
      Stefano Zanero
      Craig Zimberg

      Senior Members

      James M. Acerra, San Diego
      Nathan B. Adams, Colorado Springs
      Massimo Agrelli, Italy
      Patrick W. Allen, Northern Virginia
      Ricky Allen, South Texas
      David Alten, South Texas
      Jason Andress, Colorado Springs
      Alexandru Andriescu, Romania
      Esther A. Ankomah, Northern Virginia
      Marc Anthony, Central Alabama
      Javier Antunez, Argentina
      Chris Apgar, Portland
      Ann Archibald, San Diego
      Donald Arnold, Kansas City
      James Ash, Hawaii
      Elimael Aviles-Pastrana, Puerto Rico
      Mark Azzolina, Colorado Springs
      Don Baham, Middle Tennessee
      Robert Bainbridge, United Kingdom
      James Baird, Kansas City
      David H. Baker, Motor City
      Juliee Bates, Central Indiana
      Stephen Battista, Northern Virginia
      Bill Bartgis, Baltimore
      Alexander Quintin-Baxendale, United Kingdom
      Skip E. Bayro, North Texas
      Nicole Beebe, Alamo
      Piers Bencard, United Kingdom
      Bob Bennett, Minnesota
      Kevin E. Bergeman, Alamo
      Daniel Berry, Kansas City
      Philip J. Beyer, Capitol of Texas
      Meena Bhayani, Silicon Valley
      Ken Biery, Jr., Puget Sound
      Aaron L. Bills, Northern Virginia
      Harry Bing-You, Silicon Valley
      Krzysztof Binkowski, Poland
      Duann Black, Phoenix
      James K. Blake, Colorado Springs
      William Blake, Colorado Springs
      Brian Blodgett, Northern Virginia
      Timothy Bloomer, Metro Atlanta
      Branko S. Bokan, National Capital
      Robert Joseph Bollig, Northern Virginia
      Stan Borinski, Los Angeles
      Kate Borten, New England
      James B. Bradley, Capitol of Texas
      Lewis A. Braithwaite, Northern Virginia
      Gurpreet Singh Brar, Northern Virginia
      Ralph Broom Northern Virginia
      Dave Brown, Blue Ridge
      George Danny Brown, Colorado Springs
      Michael R. Brown, South Florida
      Michael R. Bukowski, Hampton Roads
      Marie Michele Burton, Northern Virginia
      David Busby, South Texas
      Ben Calvert, Silicon Valley
      Warren Camp, Northern Virginia
      Mark Campbell, South Florida
      Darryl Candiff, The Netherlands
      Larry Canup, Central Plains
      Peter J. Capelli, Rochester
      Nat Carling, Chicago
      Angella Carlisle, Central Alabama
      Louis John Carpenito, New England
      Tony Carter, Metro Atlanta
      Victoriano Casas, Capitol of Texas
      Edgar Casillas, Capitol of Texas
      Charles Catlett, Northern Virginia
      Steve Chan, Baltimore
      Ned Chapin, Silicon Valley
      Daniel Keith Chapman, South Texas
      Scott Chimner,Tampa Bay
      Ee Chong, South Texas
      Jason Claycomb, Chicago
      Curtis Coats, Minnesota
      Gary Cohen, New Jersey
      David "DC" Collins, Colorado Springs
      David Colon, Triad of NC
      Joseph (Ted) Combs, Kansas City
      Norman Comstock, South Texas
      Damian Coombes, UK
      Guy Copeland, Northern Virginia
      Danny Lee Cox, Oklahoma
      David Cripps, United Kingdom
      Timothy Crivits, Kentuckiana
      Drew Crook, Phoenix
      Angela Cross, Northern Virginia
      Jerry Crow, Phoenix
      Angel Cruz, Capitol of Texas
      Clarke Cummings, Central Ohio
      Andrew Cunnington, United Kingdom
      Tanya Cventan, Kansas City
      June A. Dabbs, St. Louis
      Noel Dacasin, Phoenix
      Radoslaw Dalewski, Poland
      Lorna J Damico, New England
      William K. Danigelis, Silicon Valley
      Larry Dannemiller, South Texas
      Brian S. Darby, Silicon Valley
      Denis Darveau, Las Vegas
      Tracy Ensign Dattner, Northern Virginia
      Zbigniew Dawydzik, Poland
      Darlene Dean, Orange County
      Matthew J. Decker, Tampa Bay
      Dirk De Maeyer, Brussels European
      Kenneth Desforges, Inland Empire
      John Devins, Northern Virginia
      Cris DeWitt, Capitol of Texas
      Carole S. Dicker, Northern Virginia
      Henry W. "Bill" Dieringer, Middle Tennessee
      Giddings F. Dietrich, Capitol of Texas
      Larry Dilley, Kansas City
      Yuri Diogenes, Fort Worth
      Pawel Dobrychlop, Poland
      Mark Dochtermann, Sacramento Valley
      Ginger Doetsch, Northern Virginia
      George J. Dolicker, Raleigh
      Jorge Dominguez, Tampa Bay
      L. Kathleen Donaho-Jaeger, Capitol of Texas
      Troy A. Donnelly, South Texas
      Dennis M. Dow, Colorado Springs
      Terry Downing, United Kingdom
      Seton R. Droppers, Northern Virginia
      Darrell Drystek, At-Large
      Eddie Dynes, United Kingdom
      Piotr Dzwonkowski, Poland
      Robert W.A. Edinger, Minnesota
      Christopher Edwards, South Texas
      Francis L. Edwards, II, National Capital
      Shane Edwards, Charlotte Metro
      Mohamed El-Guindy, Egypt
      Dennis R. Embrey, Northern Virginia
      Marcin Engelmann, Poland
      Brian Engle, Capitol of Texas
      Erik Estrada, Alamo
      Michele Fabbri, Italy
      Juliene K. Faris, Kansas City
      Paul Farley, Metro Atlanta
      Rhonda Farrell, Northern Virginia
      Jill Feagans, Sacramento Valley
      Jeffrey Harlan Fenton, Silicon Valley
      Jim Ferrenburg, Las Vegas
      Clarence Fisher, South Texas
      Ned Fleming, Kansas City
      Brent Frampton, Delaware Valley
      Rini Fredette, Tampa Bay
      Ross Foard, Northern Virginia
      Robert Folden, North Texas
      Fernando S.S. Fonseca, Brasil
      Tommy R. Foucha, South Texas
      Thomas E. Fowler, Colorado Springs
      Walter A. Francis, New England
      Don Franke, Alamo
      Elliott L. Franklin, Alamo
      James French, Northern Virginia
      John F. Freund, III, Central Ohio
      Scott Frisch, Colorado Springs
      Alexander J. Fry, Northern Virginia
      Edward Frye, Silicon Valley
      Edward R. Fuller, Colorado Springs
      John Fulmer, Northern Virginia
      Pete Gay, Kentuckiana
      Patryk Geborys, Poland
      Paul Gerke, Northern Virginia
      Thomas M. Giangreco, Orange County
      Nelson Gibbs, Los Angeles
      Tim Gillin, Delaware Valley
      Donald R. Glass, South Florida
      William Glennon, Northern Virginia
      John L. Goehrung, Kansas City
      John E. Godfrey, Kansas City
      Clyde "Howard" Gordon, Alamo
      Russell Got, Phoenix
      Frank Grace, Alamo
      George T Grachis, Space Coast
      Angelique Grado, South Texas
      Jim Graham, Northern Virginia
      Brian Jay Grayek, Phoenix
      Nicholas Green, Baltimore
      Bill Greene, Kentuckiana
      Joseph Griffin, Alamo

      David Grisham, Northern New Mexico
      Alex Grohmann, Northern Virginia
      Peter Groom, UK
      Susan Guerrero, South Texas
      Debra Guill, South Texas
      Maria R. Gummerson, Alamo
      Matthew Hajda, Alamo
      Thomas E. Hallewell, National Capital
      Michael Hamilton, Capitol of Texas
      Michael Haney, Oklahoma
      Steven R. Hannah, Kansas City
      Dan Hans, Colorado Springs
      Robert S. Hansel, New England
      David Hargitt, Kansas City
      Robert J. Harren, San Francisco
      Greg L. Harper, Kansas City
      Scott B. Harris, Kansas City
      Simon Harris, United Kingdom
      William Hartley, National Capital
      Elton Hay, Silicon Valley
      Mark D. Heinrich, Colorado Springs
      Johnny Heintz, Alamo
      Patrick D. Heisinger, St. Louis
      Shawn Douglas Hennessy, At-Large
      Jason J. Hernandez, Puget Sound
      Kelly M. Hertel, New England
      James Hess, Capitol of Texas
      William Hille, Minnesota
      Rand W. Hirt, Portland
      Ralph S. Hoefelmeyer, Colorado Springs
      Joseph Hoffmann, Kentuckiana
      James Holaday, Northern Virginia
      Donald B. Holden, New England
      Tanner Zane Horner, Baltimore
      Samuel D Horowitz, Ventura County
      Amy Howland, Northern Virginia
      George Hsieh, Northern Virginia
      Jeff Huegel, Baltimore
      Jerry Humes, Portland
      Teresa A. Hummel, New England
      Susan Hunt, Central Ohio
      Brent Huston, Central Ohio
      Jeff Jackson, Kansas City
      Stuart J. Jacobs, New England
      Martijn Jansen, The Netherlands
      Becky Johnson, Charlotte Metro
      Donna M. Johnson, Kansas City
      John Nelson Johnson, South Texas
      Lawrence Johnson, Minnesota
      Cindy M Jones, Central Alabama
      John A. Jones, Chicago
      Gregory C. Jones, Alamo
      Kim Jones, Phoenix
      Zena Jones, Northern Virginia
      John L. Jordan, North Texas
      Kevin Michael Joyce, Central New York
      Joseph Juchniewicz, North Texas
      Warren G. Kahle, South Texas
      Gary S. Kahn, Hawaii
      Roderick Kaleho, Minnesota
      Andrzej Kasprzyk, Poland
      Robert J. Kaufman, III, Alamo
      Jimmie Keddie, South Texas
      Darrell Keeling, Kentuckiana
      Don C. Keller, South Texas
      Patrick Kelly, Kansas City
      Frank Kenisky, IV, Alamo
      Paul E. Kernan, Colorado Springs
      Paul Keser, San Francisco
      Omar Khawaja, Northern Virginia
      Nathan Kim, Raleigh
      Alan King, UK
      Dennis C. King, Rochester
      John Kinyon, Chicago
      Brian Kirouac, Colorado Springs
      Andrew Kissmann, Ottawa
      Joseph R. Klimkowski, Northern Virginia
      Michelle Klinger, South Texas
      Marcin Kobylinski, Poland
      Frederick A. Kolbrenner, Quantico
      Tadeusz Kowalczyk, Poland
      Gary Kretzer, Jr., Kansas City
      Joseph E. Krull, Alamo
      Marek Kuczynski, Poland
      Mark Kuhlmann, Alamo
      Craig Kunitani, Silicon Valley
      Harminder Lall, Northern Virginia
      Dan LaMastres, Kansas City
      Clint Laskowski, Milwaukee
      Patrick Laverty, Colorado Springs
      Jason Lawrence, Metro Atlanta
      Thomas Lawson, Northern Virginia
      Don Ledwith, Motor City
      Christopher Lee, Toronto
      Jay Libove, Spain
      Gary Wayne Liebo, Northern Virginia
      Steven Lingafelt, Raleigh
      Bruce Lobree, Puget Sound
      Claudio LoCicero, At-Large
      Steven W. Lodin, Central Indiana
      Jayne Frank Logan, Minnesota
      Frank Lohman, Hawaii
      Ingrid Lohneiss, Ventura County
      James N. Loizides, New Jersey
      Gary Long, Kansas City
      David N. Longenecker, Capital of Texas
      Daniel LoPresto, Central Florida
      Lisa Lorenzin, Raleigh
      Wally Magda, Colorado Springs
      Stephen A. Maiorca, Ventura County
      Maurizio Mapelli, Italy
      Hummer Marchand, Colorado Springs
      Robert Martin, Raleigh
      Lester M. Mayeda, Los Angeles
      Al Mazzucca, Delaware Valley
      Hugh McArthur, Northern Virginia
      Michael McCarty, Northern Virginia
      Timothy McCreary, Kentuckiana
      Richard McDaniel, Phoenix
      Billy McElroy, Melbourne, FL
      Alisdair J. McKenzie, At-Large
      Russ McRee, Puget Sound
      George "Chip" Meadows, Alamo
      John L. Meagher, Northern Virginia
      Joseph Mendygral, Colorado Springs
      James W. Meritt, Baltimore
      John Mildner, At-Large
      Derek Milroy, Chicago
      Craig Minton, Kansas City
      William Mish, New England
      Gordon Mitchell, Puget Sound
      Simon Moffatt, United Kingdom
      Kris Monroe, Southern Tier New York
      Larry Moore, Capital of Texas
      Paul Moran, Delaware Valley
      Edward Morawski, North Oakland
      Henry Moreno, Capitol of Texas
      Shane A Morris, Colorado Springs
      Michael Morrison, Alamo
      Matt Mosley, Northern Virginia
      Paul E. Mosteika, Denver
      Colleen R. Murphy, Colorado Springs
      James C. Murphy, Raleigh
      Richard Murphy, Northern Virginia
      Shawn Murray, Colorado Springs
      Janusz Nawrat, Poland
      Piotr Niemojewski, Poland
      Steven B. Nelson, Kansas City
      Kelly Newcomb, Capital of Texas
      Kevin Newman, Baltimore
      Arthur Nichols, Northern New Mexico
      Steve Nichols, Northern Virginia
      Weston Nicolls, Chicago
      James J. Nicholson, Kansas City
      Ronald H. Nix, New England
      Stephen J. Norwood, United Kingdom
      Jeff A. Odegard, Colorado Springs
      Jack Oden, Northern Virginia
      Kellie Okumura, Utah
      Shukong Ou, New England
      Joe Oranday, Alamo
      Jorge Orchilles, South Florida
      Alfred Ouyang, Northern Virginia
      John H. Parker, Sacramento Valley
      Mike Parsons, Triad of North Carolina
      Byron Paschal, Northwest Arkansas
      Neil D. Passingham, United Kingdom
      Krzysztof Pasternak, Northern Virginia
      Andrew J Patrick, Chicago
      Kenneth D. Patterson, New England
      Mark Pearce, London
      Eric Peek, Kentuckiana
      Jeb Pein, Kansas City
      Hari M. Pendyala, At-Large
      Melody Jean Pereira, San Francisco
      Stephen Perez, Alamo
      Richard Peterson, Minnesota
      Bill Phillips, Triad of NC
      George Philpott, North Texas
      Gwen Pierce, Kansas City
      Hubert Pilarski, Poland
      Lawrence Pingree, Silicon Valley

      Leyton Pitzer, Northern Virginia
      Robert Plawiak, Poland
      Joseph Ponnoly, South Texas
      Joseph Popinski, North Alabama
      Thomas Prest, Hawaii
      Andrew R Pretzl, Milwaukee
      Patrick Pryor, New York Metro
      Jason Pubal, Northern Virginia
      Andrew J. Radle, Silicon Valley
      David Rakes, Kentuckiana
      Patrick Ramseier, Silicon Valley
      Brian D. Randolph, Kansas City
      Brian Rasco, Central Alabama
      Robert Rausch, Alamo
      Peter B. Readings, United Kingdom
      Robb Reck, Denver
      David J. Reed, Colorado Springs
      Robert Reese, Kansas City
      William E. Reich, Alamo Chapter
      Crystal Rialti, Kansas City
      Marion Richburg, Baltimore
      Angel L. Rivera, Northern Virginia
      Rodney K. Robinson, Raleigh
      Steven Rodrigo, Northern Virginia
      John S. Rogers, Charlotte Metro
      Piotr Roguski, Poland
      William D. Rolfe, Denver
      Philip Romero, Sacramento Valley
      B. Barrett Roshak, Colorado Springs
      Robert Rudloff, Denver
      John Peter Abraham Ruero, Philippines
      Richard J. Ryan, Central Florida
      Randy Sabett, Northern Virginia
      Scot Sakelarios, New Hampshire
      Ezequiel Sallis, Argentina
      Robert Sarao, New England
      Phillip A. Sass, Kansas City
      Marc Schandl, Minnesota
      Bradley J. Schaufenbuel, Chicago
      Andrew J. Scheff, New England
      Michael Scheidell, South Florida
      David Schlesinger, Phoenix
      Frederick Scholl, Middle Tennessee
      Fred Schroeder, St. Louis
      Robin Schroeder, Kansas City
      John E. Schutt, Colorado Springs
      Paul Schwarzenberger, United Kingdom
      Simone Seth, New York Metro
      Karthikeyan Shanmugam, United Kingdom
      Kevin P Shea, Central Ohio
      Jan Sheets, Central Indiana
      Cragin Shelton, Northern Virginia
      Thomas Shepherd, Colorado Springs
      Tony Sherring, United Kingdom
      Ronald E. Shuck, Central Plains
      Robert Shullich, New York Metro
      Ariel Silverstone, Metro Atlanta
      Andrea C. Simmons, United Kingdom
      Chris Simpson, San Diego
      Joyce Simonson, Minnesota
      Robert Sindelar, Chicago
      Michael Skala, Sacramento Valley
      Valene Skerpac, New York Metro
      Pitor Skibínski, Poland
      Vince Skinner, Boise
      Chester Smidt, Kansas City
      B. Denita Smith, South Texas
      Benjamin S. Smith, Northern Virginia
      James S. Smith, Northern Virginia
      Louis Smith, San Francisco Bay Area
      Michael D. Smith, Northern Virginia
      Richard E. Smith, Northern Virginia
      Ricky Smith, Baltimore
      William E. Smith Jr., Baltimore
      Robert Smock, Texas Gulf Coast
      Matthew W. Snider, Capitol of Texas
      Larry Sobers, Northern Virginia
      Philip Sobol, Kansas City
      Brian Sommers, Middle Tennessee
      Charlie Spencer, Orange County
      Glenda Spencer, Phoenix
      Carl W. Spray, Colorado Springs
      DeWayne Sprous, Kansas City
      Sidney M. Spunt, Baltimore
      Michael St. Vincent, Middle Tennessee
      Timothy R. Stacey, South Texas
      Barbara D. Stamps, Northern Virginia
      Michael Stanton, Boise
      George Starcher, Central Alabama
      Mariusz Stawowski, Poland
      Reid Stephan, Boise
      Charles Sterling, South Texas
      Michelle K. Stevens, Blue Ridge
      Laura J. Stitely, Northern Virginia
      David Stoler, Orange County
      Tim Straub, Kentuckiana
      Anita Strayer, Capitol of Texas
      Gregory W. Sternberg, Denver
      Alan Sterneckert, Utah
      Damien Suggs, Metro Atlanta
      Shawn Summers, Kansas City
      Frank E. Swanson, Colorado Springs
      David "Kawika" Talisman, Hawaii
      Grace Irene Tate, Colorado Springs
      Craig M. Taylor, New England
      William Taylor, Alamo
      Lawrence C. Taylor-Duncan, North Alabama
      Cathy Tebo, Northern Virginia
      Aaron L. Temin, Northern Virginia
      John Thill, Kansas City
      Kenneth Thompson, Sacramento Valley
      R. William Thompson, Capitol of Texas
      Christopher J. Thomas, Colorado Springs
      Cindy Thornburg, Colorado Springs
      Ben Tomhave, Northern Virginia
      Harold Allen Toomey, North Texas
      Glenn Townson, Baltimore
      Elbert "Bo" Trowbridge, Alamo
      Wen Tseng, Puget Sound
      Greg S. Tucker, Central Plains
      Jordan Turek, Baltimore
      Robert Twyford, Kentuckiana
      Haleen Uptain, Kansas City
      Chris Urrutia, Alamo
      Obaid Uzzaman, Northern Virginia
      Jurgen van der Vlugt, The Netherlands
      Philip Van Meerhaeghe, Kansas City
      Gary Vasek, Colorado Springs
      Vernon E. Vogel, Jr., Northern Virginia
      Sherri Vollick, Tampa Bay
      Stuart Wagner, South Texas
      Luke Walcher, At-Large
      Brian M. Walker, South Texas
      Allan Wall, London
      Miu Wang, San Francisco Bay Area
      Nellie L. Ward, New Mexico
      Roy Wattanasin, New England
      Mark Weatherford, Northern Virginia
      Nigel E. Webb, Colorado Springs
      Edward G. Weidig, Jr., South Texas
      Keith Weinberger, South Texas
      Timothy D. Westland, Colorado Springs
      Neil P. Wheelwright, United Kingdom
      Derek A. Whigham, United Kingdom
      Debra S. White, Portland
      Gregory White, Alamo
      Marie White, Silicon Valley
      Mark Whitteker, Raleigh
      James F. Wiehl, Northern Virginia
      Jim Wiggins, Northern Virginia
      Don A Williams, Orange County
      Carl D. Willis-Ford, Northern Virginia
      David Willson, Colorado Springs
      David J. Wilson, Northern Virginia
      Earl W. Wilson, Kentuckiana
      Jacqueline H. Wilson, Capitol of Texas
      Rob Winter, Colorado Springs
      Michael J WIser, North Texas
      Bob Withers, Colorado Springs
      Ann Wolf, Delaware Valley
      Lyle Wolf, North Oakland
      Stephen Wolff, Capitol of Texas
      Alex Wood, Denver
      Peter Wood, United Kingdom
      Roy Wood, South Texas
      Lora Woodworth, Colorado Springs
      Sandra A. Wright, Baltimore
      Dr. Rebecca Wynn, Phoenix
      Ray Yepes, South Texas
      Stefano, Zanero, Italy
      Daniel Ziesmer, Northern New Mexico
      Susan S. Zimmerman, Kansas City

      Applications are accepted semi-annually.

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